FAQ: Can You Help Me With Jewelry For My Wedding?

A great way to expand your market is to include a Bridal collection in your jewelry design -- see my line of wedding jewelry here. I don't personally market heavily to the brides out there, but I do work on quite a few custom creations for both brides and bridesmaids every year. You should feel ok about charging a premium for custom work (you take more time and more resources to get the designs just the way the customer wants!) -- unfortunately for me, I am a sucker, and I usually give the cash-strapped brides a break.

Some things I like to keep in mind when thinking about the bridal jewelry business or creating custom pieces for a bridal collection:

1. Color matters! I like to use complimentary colors for bridesmaids, picking up a color from a detail on the dress or the bouquets or wedding colors, and not matching the dress exactly.

2. I often recommend that a bride or bridesmaid goes either with a dramatic earring or necklace and not both -- usually that's too much, unless a super luxe look is what you are going for.

3. I offer a variety of settings, from sterling and gold fill to 14k yellow and 14k white gold. I like to offer clip on earrings as well. It's these special touches that will bring customers to your work.

4. Don't be afraid to say "no". I will turn down a client when I don't think I can create their vision. It saves you both time and disappointment.

5. Advertise your bridal work. I have postcards I keep with me at shows that talk about my custom bridal work. I also keep a gallery of wedding jewelry on my website and encourage my clients, if they are happy with my work, to post their comments on hot wedding message boards like The Knot or to tell their friends.

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