Jewelry seen on Famous in Love Season 1

Did you binge the whole series of Famous in Love like I did? Peggy Li Creations jewelry was featured in the entire first season of Famous in Love starring Bella Thorne! Bella is crazy gorgeous and comes hot off of her Disney Channel show (among other projects) Shake it Up, which also starred Zendaya.

Based on the novel by Rebecca Serle, the story is about starlet Paige Townsen who gets her break on a big Hollywood blockbuster and finds her world turned upside down. Not only does she have crazy chemistry with her costars, but she also finds herself getting embroiled in Hollywood deals and maybe even a murder!

The series also stars Niki Koss, Georgie Flores, Charlie DePew and Carter Jenkins. Produced by I. Marlene King of Pretty Little Liars fame, the show is full of drama, romance and mystery. And the fashion? The fashion was amazing young-Hollywood-of-the-moment amazingness! Follow the Famous in Love TV show on Instagram to see great sneak peeks - I spy some awesome 40's inspired dresses and the best ingenue outfits for Paige.

Paige wore my Star Charm Necklace in several episodes, which is fitting, since she is on her way to being a big star in Hollywood.

Bella Thorne star necklace

star necklace
Niki Koss as Alexis Glenn shows her softer side, wearing my Little Leaf Necklace in gold plated silver. She's the villain, but don't underestimate her! 

I adored this scene with Bella Thorne and Carter Jenkins practicing a sexy dance routine. Bella looks amazing in simple dancewear and my Tiny Feather Charm necklace.

The costume designer on this show also designed Hart of Dixie and the final season of Pretty Little Liars (pretty amazing, huh?). Be sure to check out the jewelry designs seen on those two shows, just click on the links.

Are you excited for this show to start? Won't get to us until April 2017!


Choker Necklaces (That Aren't Cheesy)

This past season has seen the return of a 90's favorite - the choker necklace! Maybe you want to rock them at Coachella or Burning Man, or just to your local coffeeshop. Either way, you don't want to look like you pulled it out of your wardrobe past (um, like I could*), you want a fresh, new take on a favorite trend!

Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry has some great choker necklace options.

For the Boho Chic girl:
silver charm choker necklace
Shield Choker on leather cord with a sterling silver pendant with beautiful granulation detail (handmade by wonderful artisans in Bali). Sure, you can wear this to Coachella, but also to coffee out with friends. Festival, but refined.

For the Fashion Girl:
diamond cut choker necklace
The best part of this Like Lace Choker is that the rhodium plated silver chain is diamond cut for extra edge and sparkle. An unusual take on a choker necklace with a little bit of goth glam edge to it. All of these chokers come with 2" of an extender, by the way, so you can wear any of these as a regular 16" long necklace.

For the Glamour Girl:
multi bar rose gold choker necklace
Elegant 14k rose gold plated chain exudes warmth and luxury. My Multi Bar Choker necklace that doesn't feel trendy, just feels right! A choker necklace that is refined enough to dress up or wear to the office.
For the Artist:
handmade choker necklace
Handmade links are woven together with chain and jump rings to create a delicate and delightful Spark Woven Choker Necklace. You'll love the detail and the matching Spark Earrings.
Do you have a favorite? Are you wearing this trend? Sound off in the comments, below! Let me know what styles of necklaces you'd like to see more of, I'm always trying to give you new designs you'll love!

* Want a real choker necklace blast from the past? Check out my floating "invisible" line and Swarovski crystal necklace I made that was worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Wowza!


Switched at Birth Final Season - Jewelry

All good things must come to an end... including the heartfelt family drama Switched at Birth. The final episodes have been a great look back at past storylines plus setting up the exciting question of where with the Kennish sisters go from here? Where can you go after tackling issues like racism, sexism, campus rape, rights for people with disabilities and let's not forget, a switch at birth?!

Bay Kennish (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne Vasquez (Katie Leclerc) have worn Peggy Li Creations jewelry since the second season, along with other amazing cast members like Lea Thompson(!) and Oscar winner Marlee Matlin. Here are some of the favorites, below! Huge thanks to costume designer Courtney Stern and her team, which gave me so much freedom, often tasking me to make pieces for specific characters! So much fun.

Champagne Citrine Earrings, worn by the ever lovely Rachel Shenton as Lily.

Star Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish, the artistic, tattoo artist sister, in my Pearl and Leather Necklace.

One of my favorites from the show, B.K. Canon as Mary Beth wearing my Two Hearts Necklace.

In one of the most powerful episodes of the season, Shannon Piere-Lewis as Iris tacked racism with her own personal hunger strike, wearing my Butterfly Twist Earrings.

Bianca Bethune as Sharee wears my Teardrop Necklace and Octagon Hoop Earrings (large) on Switched at Birth.

What are your thoughts on the show and the series finale? Which season 1-5 was your favorite? Share them in the comments below! And visit my Switched at Birth jewelry page to see all the looks seen since season 2!