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Step into the quirky, tender, lumious world of Wena Poon

A jewelry client of mine, Wena Poon, is super-talented and has written her 2nd book. Here is an excerpt from the book jacket:

"Wickedly funny, full of little turns and surprises, warmth and humanity."
Suchen Christine Lim, winner of the Singapore Literature Prize and author of The Lies That Build A Marriage

Step into the quirky, tender, luminous world of Wena Poon.

In California, a dot com executive falls in love with an Asian barista in a coffee joint. In Malaysia, a Chinese woman boards a plane to London for sex tourism. In New York, an English couple abandons their baby at the door of a Japanese restaurant. In New Hampshire, a depressed transvestite snowboards into an avalanche in emulation of his favorite opera heroine.

Poon’s first book, Lions In Winter, was listed for both the 2008 Irish Frank O’Connor Award and the Singapore Literature Prize. In her second book, Poon writes of chance encounters and impossible romances in the digital age. Her characters are beautiful, damaged, funny, serious, and always relentlessly cool. Wry, observant and assured, this is contemporary storytelling at its exhilarating best.

"The sassiest of writers. Her characters don't just 'live', they bounce off the page and pour themselves a drink. Poon has a real, enviable gift."
Vanessa Gebbie, winner of the Daily Telegraph First Novel award, the Fish Short Story Prize and author of Words from a Glass Bubble

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Handmade Jewelry Item of the Day: Bean Hoop Earrings

Introducing... the bean! This unusual shape is the latest in my delicate handmade hoop earring collection. Available in sterling silver, gold-fill and rose gold-fill.

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