FAQ: What's the Difference Between 14k Gold-filled and Gold Vermeil?

Jewelry designers are faced with the myriad of material choices out there for our designs. Each type of material has its own look, feel and cost!

For Peggy Li Creations Handmade Jewelry, I choose to use the best quality materials while keeping my designs affordable for you.

So, what is the difference between materials like 14k gold-filled and gold vermeil?

14k Gold-filled -- I use only 14/20 gold-filled materials. Gold filled is a gold overlay where a thick layer of 14k gold is heat and pressure-bonded to a (typically)brass core. the "14/20" notation is the ratio of karat gold to brass core by weight. If you keep your 14k gold filled away from moisture and nicks, it should resist tarnish (turning color) very well.
geometric shape stud earrings by Peggy Li
Flat Shape Stud earrings in 14k gold-filled.
You get the rich look of gold with 14k gold-filled, without the cost of solid 14k gold.

Gold vermeil -- Gold vermeil is when gold is layered over a sterling silver. Typically, this layer is of 22-18k gold at 100 micro inches (2.5 microns) -- 50x heavier than a standard gold plate! Again, you get a rich 24k gold look without the cost. If you keep your gold vermeil away from moisture and damage, this should also resist tarnish. However, it does have a silver core which is subject to tarnish.

Vermeil style gold plate over silver/bronze Tree of Life Earrings.
Vermeil Style Most of the items marked "vermeil" on my website refers to the fact that the item is a gold plate over sterling silver. The company I use creates "vermeil style" gold plate that is 40 micro inches (1 micron) of 98.5% pure gold plated over sterling silver with a fine layer of nickel in between. This is durable and keeps the items more affordable.

Peggy Li Creations only occasionally uses other karat gold filled, gold plate or base metals, and this will be noted. I do use 10k, 14k or 18K golds for certain pieces and by request.


Peggy Li Creations Fall 07 TV Season

Ah, Fall is in the air, whcih means I'm busy planning my holiday jewelry events and getting geared up for the return of the TV season!

I've already submitted items to returning shows Medium and a new show for me, Without A Trace. I'll add a photo gallery as soon as I see pictures surface!

In the meantime, I have a ton of awesome new designs that celebrate the rich colors of Fall. Check them out at peggyli.com.

Peggy Li Creations on Vacation

Hey folks,

I'm off on vacation! Yay! That means your handmade jewelry orders will not be filled until I return.

I'm gone from 9/3-9/12. Thanks!

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