FAQ: Did you make Kate Walsh's diamond necklace?

Kate Walsh Diamond Necklace

I am often asked if I am the designer who makes the gorgeous diamond necklaces Kate Walsh (she plays Addison Montgomery on "Private Practice"), wears in many episodes, and although I have many handmade necklace designs featured on Private Practice and other TV shows, this Kate Walsh diamond necklace is not my creation. From what I can see, the Kate Walsh necklace is a trillion cut diamond solitaire on fine gold chain or a fine 14k gold chain with diamond briolettes. Kate Walsh also wears these necklaces outside of Private Practice, so my guess is that it is part of her personal jewelry collection. **UPDATE**: In fact, Kate Walsh has confirmed the Trillion Cut necklace as Anita Ko herself via Twitter (thanks Ms. Walsh!)

"k8_walsh @plcpeggy the trillion necklace is anita ko, as are my cougar earrings and bracelets"

I do have handmade necklaces that have a similar feel to the Kate Walsh necklaces that you can find at peggyli.com.
swarovski crystal necklace
Swarovski Slice Necklace.
Sparkling Swarovski Crystal beads on simple drawn cable chain. Layer these necklaces for a gorgeouseffect! Starting at just $39, this handcrafted necklace is a simple necklace you could wear every day.

Rose Quartz Briolettes Necklace.
The palest of pink rose quartz stones float on simple drawn chain. Texture plus sparkle in this delicate gemstone necklace!

herkimer solitaire necklace
Herkimer Solitaire Necklace.
Herkimer quartz crystal has a diamond-like quality and just floats at your throat on your choice of delicate gold-filled or sterling silver chain.

white topaz solitaire necklace
Tiny Bubble Necklace.
Unusual cut of white topaz is centered on elegant rope chain. This handmade necklace design is timeless and classic.

Herkimer Slice Necklace.
Herkimer diamond crystals sparkle in this popular gemstone necklace style from Peggy Li Creations.

Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li Creations

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