October Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Peggy Li Creations is proud to announce that 50% of the sales of my Heartfelt Earrings will be donated to Breastcancer.org, a nonprofit organization, "dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer." My Mom is a breast cancer survivor, so this is a cause deep and dear to my heart.

My Heartfelt Earrings are available in sterling silver or a rich gold plated silver and feature faceted red garnets and sparkling pink topazes.

Women young and old should educate themselves about breast cancer and Breastcancer.org is there to help. You can of course donate directly to the cause at their website.
I will follow up at the end of October with the sales results and I hope I have good news to benefit this amazing organization dedicated to helping women be more educated and make decisions about this terrible disease. Can I sell out of this design? If you know of someone who might love these earrings and want to donate to a breast cancer cause this month, please send them my way!

Thank you for your support on this great cause and I hope you love these earrings.


Delicate Stacking Rings

I am currently in love with delicate stacking rings! Whether they are just simple and thin hammered bands or adorned with charms, I love slim rings that you can stack in multiples onto your fingers.  I keep adding more and more of these slim metal rings to my Peggy Li handmade jewelry collection.

You can't talk about stacking rings without the basics -- I love my Thin Gold Rings, Thin Silver Rings and Thin Rose Gold Rings for stacking on every finger (and maybe even above the knuckle for a midi ring). Made with 14k gold-filled and sterling silver wire, these rings are available in whole and half-sizes starting with size 3 (if you need a special size, don't hesitate to contact me).  Each are soldered by me with sterling silver solder, so each ring has a small seam that shows that each is a hand made creation. Which metal is your favorite for stacking?

thin stacking rings
Thin Stacking rings by Peggy Li Creations. #showmeyourrings

For an even more unique take on stacking rings, I've created these Ombre rings which are half sterling silver, half 14, gold-filled! Get it in a polished or oxidized version.

Oxidized Ombre Stacking Rings by Peggy Li Creations.

A variety of silver stacking rings by Peggy Li Creations
For even more stacking ring options, here are bands that are adorned with cute charms.

1. Little Bee Ring -- sterling silver and bitty bee charm  2. Arrow Ring -- I'm with... a delicate sterling silver arrow charm ring.  

Middle Row:
3. Little Om Ring -- a slim band with a teardrop shaped OM symbol ring. 4. Initial Ring -- you choose the initial  I make the ring for you hand stamped in sterling silver.

Bottom Row:
5. Little Star Ring -- a tiny star worn on a delicate ring is like giving yourself a little boost of superpowers, it's that cute.  6. Little Bird Ring -- put a bird on it! This soaring swallow will always steer you home.

See these delicate stacking rings and other handmade jewelry at my website, http://www.peggyli.com

Keep checking back as I add even more delicate rings to the collection, including some new textured and floral bands in sterling silver!


FAQ: What Are the Different Birthstones?

I'm often asked by Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry customers what the different birthstones are. I never can remember, so I thought a complete list of popular modern birthstones would be a great blog post. Click on the stone to see a Peggy Li Creations jewelry design you can get in that stone:

Heartfelt Earrings with garnets
January birthstone -- Garnet
February birthstone -- Amethyst
Amethyst Tiny Bubble Necklace

March birthstone -- Aquamarine
April birthstone -- Diamond
May birthstone -- Emerald
June birthstone -- Pearl or Moonstone
July birthstone -- Ruby
August birthstone -- Peridot
Peridot Lotus Blossom Earrings

September birthstone -- Sapphire
October birthstone -- Tourmaline
Tourmaline Chain Necklace
November birthstone -- Citrine
December birthstone -- Turquoise
Turquoise Native Necklace
Gem Cluster earrings in tanzanite, ruby and emerald.

Another great option to celebrate your birthstone are these great personalized necklace choices where you can choose your birthstone. You can also add a birthstone crystal to just about any charm necklace!

Jewelry in Magazines Round Up -- Lucky, Instyle, People StyleWatch

It's Fall and that means mailboxes filled with magazines bursting with fashion week Fall styles! Here is the latest roundup of the best jewelry editorials and the perfect Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry options to complete the latest fall jewelry looks!

InStyle September 2012 issue has a great blurb on star charm necklaces like the one used in Emma Watson's new movie, "Perks of Being a Wallflower". I have some great star charm options (one of my favorite necklaces to wear), including pictured (from top to bottom) a Diamond Star Charm necklace, which features a genuine tiny diamond embedded in the charm, and a Star Charm Necklace that is light and so cute! Plus, I have my own movie news... the Diamond Star Necklace pictured has been shot for new movie "Plush" starring Emily Browning and directed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. You heard it here first!

InStyle magazine October 2012 does it again with an amazing fine jewelry spread featuring lush Baroque inspired jewels like labradorite and garnet in deep rich tones for Fall. I have some awesome handmade jewelry equivalents, like these Midnight Lapis Earrings featuring labradorite and blue lapis lazuli. Or, how about the amazing Green Goddess Necklace that has green chrysoprase stones and totally unique turquoise pendants. 

 October Lucky magazine highlights little personal charm necklaces. Of course Peggy Li Creations has some options for you, including this Tiny Letter Charm necklace (teeny letter charms are so cute, available in sterling silver or gold plated silver) or this totally handmade wire Cursive Initial Necklace. Each one is handmade by me and no two alike!  There are even more personalized jewelry choices if you want to check out all Peggy Li Creations Personalized Necklaces.

I am so loving tiny post earrings right now, so I was thrilled to see a whole page devoted to Stud Earrings in the October issue of People StyleWatch! Right now I'm totally digging my Initial Post Earrings (you can be like Kim Kardashian and wear the initials of your boyfriend or loved one), my Tiny Bar earrings (so modern and cool), or my Open Circle Earrings (could be the perfect everyday earrings). See all Peggy Li Post Earrings here!

Do you love Fall fashion best? In the cool weather in San Francisco, scarves and sweaters are a way of life, so Fall is always welcome!


5 Burning Questions With Emily Morse

Emily Morse, sex & relationship expert, author, radio host and Bravo TV personality works in my hometown of San Francisco. I love her style and especially love her confidence and curiosity. Of course I wanted to know more about her and what makes her tick! She was kind enough to answer five quick questions:

Q1: How would you describe your style?

Laid back rock n roll with a touch of glamour, easy with quirky edge and maybe a subtle sex appeal.

Q2: Where are your favorite places to shop in San Francisco?

Acrimony/Acre, Harputs, Two Birds.

Q3: How would you describe the dating scene in San Francisco?

The dating scene in San Francisco is very laid back and chill.  A typical first date is often a 'meet up' with friends. I know a lot of women claim they never get asked out in San Francisco.

Q4: What is your go-to outfit for a first date?

Something that is comfortable and makes me feel confident/sexy.   Definitely a little pop of color and something a little body conscious: skinny jeans and great pumps or a dress and booties.

Q5: How important do you think chemistry is vs connection when it comes to a lasting relationship?

I think you need both. They go hand in hand! You can have mind blowing chemistry and zero connection, or intense chemistry and a lackluster connection and neither combination works. You definitely need to have both and sustain both in a relationship.

To me, Emily embodies the SF woman -- independent, outspoken and with her own sense of style. Love her and definitely must check out her San Francisco shopping spots!


Popular Gemstone Properties

When I lived in Los Angeles, I loved to browse the bins and books of the Psychic Eye bookshop. All the incense, tarot cards and crystals (not to mention the promise of discovering the secrets to your love life and luck) were endlessly fascinating. Endowing gemstones with special properties and the attribution of different meanings to gemstones has been passed down from ancient times. I've scoured the web for a few different nuggets of information and gathered some popular properties, historical, metaphysical and mythological, for some of the most popular gemstones I use for Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry. Of course the gemstone properties are meant to be informative, in no way do I know or have experienced whether these properties are true!

Amethyst Tiny Bubble Necklace
Amethyst - the name of the stone comes from the Greek for "without drunkenness". A stone that provides peace of mind.

Aquamarine - thought to be a powerful meditation stone. A calming stone that provides clarity.

Carnelian - a stone of great energy that calms fears and your temper.

Chalcedony - provides a healing, cleansing quality, absorbing negative energy.

Citrine - a popular stone to use in jewelry design, the stone promotes positive energy and in some circles, good digestion. If you're in sales, citrine is good said to multiply wealth.

Lemon Citrine Drop Earrings
Garnet - a grounding stone that is said to help you in business. Boosts your self-esteem and strengthens your friendships.

Jade - a stone of positive attitude. Some say it helps you be lucky in love.

Labradorite - stimulates the imagination and brings clarity to the mind!

Moonstone -
moonstone is a very exciting stone, bringing luck in love and in business.

Pearl and Ginko Leaf Bracelet
Pearl - a great gem to wear for centering, representing the solar plexus chakra*. Envelopes wearer with an aura of calm and beauty.

Peridot  - protecting against negative emotion. Soothing when worn at the base of the throat.

Oval Gem Earrings in Ruby 
Ruby - I read that ruby is one of the most powerful stones. Giving ruby as a gift is a powerful token of love. It is a symbol of vitality and courage.

Sapphire - this stone means "Blue" in Greek and is helpful for mental clarity and perception.

Smoky Topaz (or Quartz) - quartzes are protection stones that help clear out negative energy. Smoky quartz (also called smoky topaz) boosts your productivity.

Tourmaline Chain Necklace
Tourmaline - the dual color represents the balance between the feminine and masculine. Attracts love and has strong healing properties.

Turquoise - a stone that has long been worn for protection and seen as a sign of wealth. A symbol of friendship and turquoise also brings peace to a home. Pair this stone with copper to enhance its properties.

For even more healing properties of stones and more, check out this website called Crystal Cure and then hop over to peggyli.com and shop for handmade jewelry with some of these fun gemstone properties in the back of your mind!  Looking for a custom combination of healing stones? I've been known to create a chakra necklace or two. Feel free to message me with your request.

What are your favorite stones? Do any stones just make you feel better when you wear them? Share in the comments, below!


* What is a chakra? From Wikipedia: "The concept of chakra features in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Chakra are believed to be centers of the body from which a person can collect energy. They are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts." When doing crystal and stone therapy, stones are often applied to specific chakra points for your ailments."