New Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera

When I started shopping for a new camera, I wanted a camera I could use for my jewelry business, Peggy Li Creations. There were a few things I needed out of my new camera:

1) Easy to use. I've never used a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera.
2) Ability to take great macro (close-up) photography.
3) Flexibility, I want to use the camera for work, but also for play!
4) Price. Nice DSLR cameras *start* at around $500 and can go up from there!

As I did more research into DSLRs and macrophotography, there were some other features that can be important, like the ability to switch up lenses. You can get super specialized lenses for macro photography that give amazing detail. I would also need some lights and a light box to properly take images (I'll write another post about that!). It would also help to be able to trigger the camera remotely (to avoid shaking the camera while taking the picture).

So many details! I finally settled on the Canon Rebel T3, which is essentially the "entry" model SLR from Canon. "Entry-level" seems to mean that you don't have the max megapixels or super hi-def video capabilities, but at 12 megapixels, that should be more than enough, and I don't have a high priority to use it for video.

My review of the Canon T3 so far? I love the camera! I was able to take some shots right away and am very excited by the results. It makes me definitely want to learn more about photography. Right now, I'm checking out some videos on YouTube (this one, specifically for Product Photography for Small Items, was very helpful).

Here are some examples of before and after images. First image, on the left, were taken using my flatbed scanner. Images on the right are taken using the Canon T3.

Turquoise Fringe Earrings

On the left, the Turquoise Fringe Earrings show good detail on the metal earring top, but the color on the beads get overexposed and lay a little funny since they must lie horizontally on the scanner surface. On the right, the earrings hang naturally and the color appears more accurately. Win!
Clustered Circle Earrings
On the left, I have my Clustered Circle Earrings as scanned from the flatbed scanner. Not too bad, but they also have a little bit of a "flattened" appearance. This is more of a problem for earrings, which are more three-dimensional than necklaces. On the right, the earrings once again are hanging naturally, so you have more of a sense of how they will actually wear.

Which do you prefer, the scanner pics or the camera pics? Any tips on taking better product photos? As I learn more about my camera and product photography I'll try and post about it here on my jewelry blog!

All the best,

Simple Earrings

If I could describe my jewelry design aesthetic, it would be that I love clean, feminine designs. From tiny charm necklaces to delicate earrings, I love to create simple jewelry designs that will live in your jewelry box for many years to come. These earrings do not dangle too long, get caught up in your clothes or hair, and will always look fashionable. Ready to check out some jewelry basics?

Here are some of my favorite simple earring designs from Peggy Li Creations!

These Clustered Earrings are a great everyday go-to earring! Available in sterling silver or 14k gold-filled, they also are available in a matching Single Clustered Circle Necklace.
I handcraft these Small Tribal Spike earrings into a gracefully arced sliver of metal for your ears. These simple earrings just give you a glimmer and are light and so easy to wear.

Small Lotus Hoop Earrings are a very popular earring style! A stylish take on hoop earrings in a flowing organic shape. These earrings were seen on actress KaDee Strickland on the TV show "Private Practice"!

Always a bestselling earring, these Ted's Metal earrings are inspired by the graceful designs of Ted Muehling. I love the modern bullet shape of these drops, available in sterling silver and a rich gold plated silver finish.
Hand-hammered Tiny Hoop earrings are pieces you can leave in your ears and forget about! Light and an elegant simple earring that is always a classic earring to wear. Choose from sterling silver, 14k rose-gold filled or 14k gold-filled. 14k gold available upon request!

Could it be any simpler? Add these earrings to your jewelry box and never have to think about what earrings to wear again! And be sure to visit my handcrafted jewelry website, for more jewelry designs. Or, visit my earrings board on Pinterest!