Review: The Complete Metalsmith, Student Edition

Master metalsmith and teacher Tim McCreight wrote one of the bibles of metalsmithing, "The Complete Metalsmith" which has been revised many times over the years. I purchased the student version of the manual, hoping to get the basics on starting to do bench work. I was not disappointed!

McCreight covers every topic you'd want information on for starting bench work -- tools, techniques, materials. Be warned that this is NOT an instructional manual -- it is more of a dictionary that explains materials and techniques and how they pertain to metalwork. There are tips and hints and illustrations throughout of these techniques, but they do not explain projects from beginning to end. Despite the fact that it isn't an instruction manual, it is still an extremely useful guide to orientating yourself around a metalsmith workbench.

Spiral bound to lie flat and with heavy cardstock cover, this book is meant to be with you while you work. If you're just starting to explore metalsmithing, I recommend this book to help get you started. If you are craving more in-depth detail, consider getting the Professional Edition of this book.

The Complete Metalsmith, Student Edition on Amazon
The Complete Metalsmith, Professional Edition on Amazon

Tim McCreight's page on Amazon

Clip On Earrings

At Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li Creations, you have options for clip on earrings! I myself don't have pierced ears (funny, I know, since I make jewelry), so I have searched far and wide for the best clip on earring options. You don't have to go without earrings if you have non-pierced ears!

I have a few styled designs, like these fancy Clipon Cliptastic Earrings, made of Thai silver or these outrageous Sun Disk Earrings with your choice of pink or white coral.

There is the option of getting custom clipon earrings, however! Most of my handmade earring designs can be converted to clips! You lose the earwire detail, but you can get the chain/charms/gemstones on your choice of a springback or screwback earring.

What is the best clip on earring choice for you?
Springback (additional $15): These work with a spring action, with the tension holding the earring to your ear. You can adjust the tension slightly by squeezing or opening the earpad.

Screwback (additional $20): I prefer this style of clipon earring, since the style is sleeker and you can adjust the tension by turning the screw-on earpad. I have these in both sterling silver and gold-fill.

If you're interested in clip on earrings, check out my handmade earring styles and simply email me for details on getting your style converted to clip earrings!