New Website, New Blog for Peggy Li Creations

Yay it's here! I've revamped and relaunched my website and I can't wait for you to check it out!

Here are some of the updates and new features:

1) New browsing and webpages optimized for your desktop screen and mobile shopping.
2) Awesome dropdown filters on the left and right of every category page. Search for items based on popular key words, new additions, price or bestsellers.
3) New user accounts - with the new website you have the opportunity to create a new user account. I will be keeping a secure historical record of past orders from my Yahoo store of the past 30 days of order history (no sensitive payment info is kept) for reference/refunds until the new site has gotten going.
4) Free shipping on orders over $150 for domestic orders! International orders get a discount on purchases over $150 as well.
5) A new blog! Even more focused posts about PLC and the style you've grown to love. Read the new Peggy Li blog here.
Leave your feedback and any questions you may have in the comments!

New Website Launching in May!

Change is scary... I'm still recovering from losing my Mom earlier this year. She was ill for the last few years and it's a weird feeling to have "more" time to refocus on things like my business of Peggy Li Creations. Caring for her was certainly not a burden, but like anyone who is a caregiver, you know that it takes a tremendous amount of energy.
Current website - may have been modern for, say, 2005!

Now that I have time to put back into PLC, I'm getting (cautiously) excited about some HUGE change coming to! I'm doing a complete site update. Now change is SCARY, no doubt. But it is also refreshing to be able to start completely new on a new Shopify platform. It has allowed me to pare down the amount of items on the website and really start to focus my handmade jewelry designs to be better than ever.

Sneak peek - new website in the works!!!

Thank you for your patience while I transition to a new website! And as a Bonus for YOU, I have tons of items on deep discount on sale here as I cut down on inventory!


I Miss My Mom

When I think of my Mom, I think of her laughter. She had many laughs - a large, open mouthed laugh where her eyes would crinkle shut. A smaller, secret laugh, "heh heh heh" that sounded like she knew a funny secret, and was so pleased with herself. Her smile always filled me with love and even when sitting quietly with her, the gravity of her spirit always filled the room.

I have sat more times than I care to remember in emergency rooms and doctors' offices with my Mom. She was never scared, always brave. She gave over to the illnesses she struggled with and was so resilient. Instead, she lived to enjoy the things she loved, like good food (roast duck always a favorite) and spending time with her children. She expressed herself through art, following the masters and applying her unique view of the world into her sketches and paintings.

I wanted to be like my Mom, graduating top of my class in high school and studying Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley. Even though I did not end up in a career in science, I like to think I still made her proud by running my own business doing something completely different, in an artistic field. When I sold my jewelry at a farmer's market on Sundays, she and my father would drive over 40 minutes to see me there. She would maybe sit for ten minutes or so, then she'd be ready to leave. Sometimes I would be busy, and I wouldn't notice that they had left. Sometimes I would be so busy I *wish* they would leave... but whatever the case, I always missed them when they were gone.

I know she did not see the world the same as we do. Her fighting spirit is always with me and is the greatest gift a Mom could give to her children. 

She would tell me she didn't worry about me, because I knew how to live life well. I learned from the best.

I will be away from my studio until 2/12/18, taking time off with family (plus a pre-planned vacation to Hawaii) and then returning with some exciting new things for 2018, including, hopefully, new designs and a brand-new website! Hope you will stick around and help me continue to make my Mom proud.