Simple Necklaces

I'm often asked where I get my style and jewelry design inspiration. I always want to respond that I have a simple style! I love clean lines and wearable jewelry pieces. I want you to be able to integrate my handmade necklaces and handcrafted earrings into your wardrobe and be able to use the pieces every day. Many of these accessories you can mix and match with other necklaces to create a layered look, or wear them alone for a simple singular design statement. How you wear them is up to your imagination!

Here are some of the bestselling simple necklaces from Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry:

Simple Dot Necklace
A flat circular bead in sterling silver or gold vermeil floats along fine chain for a great everyday jewelry look.

A single cluster of circles for a Single Cluster Charm Necklace is always a go-to favorite for a simple charm necklace option!

Little Leaf Necklace.
This popular necklace design is just a little off-kilter for a whimsical and not literal nature-inspired charm necklace.

Butterfly Twist Necklace
Seen on "Private Practice", each of these necklaces is unique because I make each by hand.

There are tons more styles at my website, Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li Creations!