Bookkeeping Blues

I took a Quickbooks class today, and after the initial rush of thinking I learned how to use the bookkeeping program, I am now home and feeling as confused as ever about how to keep better books for my business! Quickbooks Simple Start or Pro? Paper or Plastic?

Sigh. Next week I will take an intro to bookeeping class. I don't know why the accounting is such a mental block for me... unless it is because I am actually afraid to look at the numbers for my business. Am I clinging to the idea that it is still a "hobby"? Am I afraid to find out that I am actually not running my business well?

What I'd love is to have someone sit me down and walk through imputing a months' worth of orders and expenses and do a reconcilliation.

Anyone, anyone? Anyone else have the bookkeeping blues?

Important resources for Small Business Owners:

The Small Business Administration (with SCORE advisors and great classes in your area):

In San Francisco, the SF Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. You know, do work on stuff like business plans. I have not visited here, but I hear good things:

New Episode of "Related" with PLC

Dilemma -- "24" is on at the same time as the WB's "Related". My Tivo has room for only one! Anyone tape tonights episode of "Related"? A few Peggy Li Creations continue to appear on the hit WB show (cool!).

This evening, I spotted my Textured Oval Earrings on Rose, in turquoise. They looked pretty fab, if I may say so myself.

See the larger video cap on my website here Ep. 10 Related Rose Press Page.

Signs of things for Spring Fashion

The Golden Globes will repeat on Bravo TV this weekend -- good thing, too, since who could watch when "24" was on??? -- and already the Spring trends are raising their (ugly?) heads on the red carpet.

Belgium is known for its handmade lace. Only after I got on the plane for my return flight did I open my issue of Vogue with Sienna Miller on the cover and see that *lace* is a big trend for Spring! And sure enough, there it was at the GG -- overdone, like on Kate Beckinsdale (in Dior) or done elegantly, like on Natalie Portman (in vintage Chanel).

Look for some lace-inspired creations coming soon!

My other latest fashion obsession? The platform sandal! Ridiculously oversized, chunky, clunky, almost anti-fashion. Je t'aime. Chloe Paddington sandal is pictured, below. May I have mine in creme?

For a (much) less expensive alternative, I found these Franco Sarto shoes on

Back from Europe!

Well, it's 3AM and I think I am still on Belgian time. I had a wonderful time in Belgium and a fab-u-lous time in Paris! I loved Paris and definitely hope to return there soon. I brought a bunch of cool new baubles with me to turn into jewelry creations. I've posted some new earrings on my site with these beads -- I also picked up some fantastic sterling silver lockets and other pendants, but it will take me a little while to get those going.

I am still catching up with orders while I was away, I appreciate everyone's patience!

New Postage Rates at PLC

That darn postal service! There was a price increase starting January 9, 2006 across all United States Post office services. As a result, I had to the Peggy Li Creations USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling prices to $4.55 for domestic US orders and $11 for international. I apologize for the change!