Aria (Lucy Hale) Earrings on Pretty Little Liars

Only a few episodes left of Pretty Little Liars and Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) has been playing for the A.D. team in an attempt to get out of the game. In the latest episode "The Glove that Rocks the Cradle," Aria is dispatched by A.D. to go vandalize Emily and Alison's new nursery. In true Aria style, she gets a little too into the task, tearing up teddy bears(!) and eventually needing to stand there with the girls out of breath and pretending to look surprised. Eagle-eyed Spencer spots an earring on the floor and recognizes it as Aria's - who quickly says she must have dropped it on the way in. They've always said Aria is the best liar of the Liars!

The earring Aria is wearing is a Peggy Li Creations Orange Sapphire Cluster Earring (also seen on The Vampire Diaries). Here is how the whole scene went down:

Spencer: "What's this?"

My answer: Orange sparkly goodness?

Aria: Whoopsie! That was close.

Costume designer Cameron Dale had informed me she was looking for jewelry, some small, delicate earrings, and I sent a few samples out to her. I'm so glad she picked the gemstone earrings for this important moment in the show!

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