Bookkeeping Blues

I took a Quickbooks class today, and after the initial rush of thinking I learned how to use the bookkeeping program, I am now home and feeling as confused as ever about how to keep better books for my business! Quickbooks Simple Start or Pro? Paper or Plastic?

Sigh. Next week I will take an intro to bookeeping class. I don't know why the accounting is such a mental block for me... unless it is because I am actually afraid to look at the numbers for my business. Am I clinging to the idea that it is still a "hobby"? Am I afraid to find out that I am actually not running my business well?

What I'd love is to have someone sit me down and walk through imputing a months' worth of orders and expenses and do a reconcilliation.

Anyone, anyone? Anyone else have the bookkeeping blues?

Important resources for Small Business Owners:

The Small Business Administration (with SCORE advisors and great classes in your area):

In San Francisco, the SF Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. You know, do work on stuff like business plans. I have not visited here, but I hear good things:

Signs of things for Spring Fashion

The Golden Globes will repeat on Bravo TV this weekend -- good thing, too, since who could watch when "24" was on??? -- and already the Spring trends are raising their (ugly?) heads on the red carpet.

Belgium is known for its handmade lace. Only after I got on the plane for my return flight did I open my issue of Vogue with Sienna Miller on the cover and see that *lace* is a big trend for Spring! And sure enough, there it was at the GG -- overdone, like on Kate Beckinsdale (in Dior) or done elegantly, like on Natalie Portman (in vintage Chanel).

Look for some lace-inspired creations coming soon!

My other latest fashion obsession? The platform sandal! Ridiculously oversized, chunky, clunky, almost anti-fashion. Je t'aime. Chloe Paddington sandal is pictured, below. May I have mine in creme?

For a (much) less expensive alternative, I found these Franco Sarto shoes on

Back from Europe!

Well, it's 3AM and I think I am still on Belgian time. I had a wonderful time in Belgium and a fab-u-lous time in Paris! I loved Paris and definitely hope to return there soon. I brought a bunch of cool new baubles with me to turn into jewelry creations. I've posted some new earrings on my site with these beads -- I also picked up some fantastic sterling silver lockets and other pendants, but it will take me a little while to get those going.

I am still catching up with orders while I was away, I appreciate everyone's patience!

New Postage Rates at PLC

That darn postal service! There was a price increase starting January 9, 2006 across all United States Post office services. As a result, I had to the Peggy Li Creations USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling prices to $4.55 for domestic US orders and $11 for international. I apologize for the change!