Peggy Li Creations with new Paypal option!

Happy holidays! I've recently added a new feature to my handmade jewelry website Peggy Li Creations. With the Yahoo! Store new checkout manager, I've integrated Paypal into my online store checkout process. This means you can add items to your cart and pay using Paypal all in one easy checkout flow -- you log in and access your Paypal account with all your order information!

It's a great feature that lets users have a seamless purchase experience, use a pay method they like, and means less manual work for me to process Paypal orders. I've already seen a rise in customers choosing the Paypal option.

See me at Feria Urbana Saturday, Dec. 16th!

One last chance to shop with me in person until the new year! Pick up great Peggy Li Creations, including one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

At the Canvas Gallery Cafe in San Francisco, 1200 9th Ave. cross street Lincoln. Right by Golden Gate Park!

Peggy Li Creations Spotted on Great Blogs!

Peggy Li Creations ( a splash at the trendspotting sites Decor8 and Mixed Plate. Thanks, gals!