Catching up with Cynthia Bergstrom - costume designer for "Buffy"

Okay Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans! I've had the chance to catch up with the amazing costume designer for the show, Cynthia Bergstrom. Her resume not only includes Buffy, but the first "Scream" movie, plus TV shows Private Practice, Medium, CSI: Miami and Ringer.

Cynthia Bergstrom
Cynthia Bergstrom
I met Cynthia over 16 years ago and this woman is the single reason I have my handmade jewelry business, Peggy Li Creations. She took a chance on my jewelry designs and the rest, as they say, is history. It was super fun to chat with her and have a chance to reflect on that time in our lives. I am so grateful to learn even more about this amazing person and am thrilled to share her story with you.

Cynthia, thank you so much for taking the time to revisit the Buffy years with me! Are you surprised that after all these years, Buffy still has fans asking about the fashion on the show?
Yes and no.  I am not surprised that Buffy fans are still enjoying the show but yes, I am surprised that there are still questions about the costumes.  I still get letters, emails, Tweets, etc. with questions.  I love it.

What would you say was the iconic fashion moment for each of the characters on the show – Buffy, Willow, Xander, Spike?
Buffy and Willow
Buffy and Willow. I want that jacket.
For Xander, his iconic moment was the Halloween episode.  I think it was season 2.  Each of the characters fell into a spell that propelled them to believe they were indeed the personality/persona of their chosen costumes.  Xander was a Vietnam vet…I think Vietnam, definitely a combat soldier. This was the first time we were able to see him in clothing that was more masculine as was the personality portrayed.  It was fun & interesting to see silly, goofy Xander as a strong, driven man. Quite the transformation.  Spike’s iconic moment was when we saw who he was in the past, before he became a vampire.  That was great!  His original persona was a gentle loving bookish gentleman from the late or mid 1800’s.  We then see later how he grew into his Spike character and look as we flashed back to the ’70’s.  Fun stuff.  For Willow, it was always the cute fluffy sweaters.  People loved those sweaters.  Bunnies, Butterflies, etc.  Pink & Fuzz.  She was really easy to costume.  As I moved onto to other shows I was still seeing pieces that would work for Willow.  I had many of the same assistants from Buffy with me…we would see a piece and giggle about how that was a “Willow” outfit.  Buffy…her most iconic look was her fight clothes.  Years ago after I started putting her in her ‘fighty clothes’ I was approached by a major costume company that wanted to co-create a Buffy costume based on her ‘fighty’ outfits.  Dark leather jacket, skinny top, slim pants & boots.

Did the supernatural aspects of the show make it easier or harder to create costumes for the characters?
I loved the supernatural nature of the show and how it afforded me incredible freedom to get imaginative with costuming.  I missed that free flowing creativity over the years as I moved onto more reality based shows.

Buffy Halloween costume
Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in an original Cynthia Bergstrom design.
What did you enjoy more – creating a look from scratch or putting together a look that someone could go out and find for themselves (I will admit to buying more than one look I saw on the show – a blouse with squirrels that Dawn wore comes to mind)? 
Designing or building the costumes was my favorite and still is my favorite way of designing.  Going all out and creating a look from words on paper, the process of research, choosing the fabric, the notions, the stitching…it was incredibly gratifying from a creative standpoint.

How did you get your start in costume design?
My start as a costume designer was not the typical way to start out.  I was young, 24…I didn’t know any better.  I was working for a large contemporary clothing company as a sales rep.  I didn’t really enjoy it.  The moment I decided to leave a friend of mine who was a producer called asking if he could borrow some of my samples for a small film he was shooting.  When I told him I had just left the company he asked if I would like to come on board as his costume designer.  I leaped at the opportunity.  The script supervisor showed me how to break down a script, the accountant showed me how to do a budget and off I went.  I felt at home and on purpose.  I knew I found my calling.  I loved it for 27 years.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a costume designer?  
My suggestion to anyone interested in becoming a costume designer would be to be flexible, have thick skin, lots of energy and save your money for any unforeseen slow times.  Be open to change and don’t take anything personally.  The industry can be super fun & exciting but it can also be really long hours and working with huge egos.  You have to be a bit of a therapist & a mother to many.  It’s important to stay centered and grounded.  It’s also important to take really good care of oneself the hours are usually really long.  70-80 hour weeks is the norm.  Be sure to always ask for what you want and what you need and not give yourself away.
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer cast photo
The Scooby Gang - Willow (Alyson Hannigan), Rupert Giles (Anthony Head), Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg), Xander (Nicholas Brendon), Tara (Amber Benson), Spike (James Marsters), Anya (Emma Caulfield), Riley (Marc Blucas)
I know that you are a woman of multiple talents and passions. What are you working on these days?
Thank you.  Yes, I have left costume design.  I recently earned a master’s in spiritual psychology with an emphasis on consciousness, health & healing.  I’ve been working as a spiritual counselor/life coach.  I have counseled hundreds as well as working with the incarcerated men & women of Valley State Prison.  I’m all about prison reform.  Rehabilitation as opposed to punishment.  It’s incredibly rewarding work.  I’m also following one of my greatest passions…singing!  I always had an idea that I had a good singing voice but I wasn’t sure.  About 9 months ago I started taking vocal lessons, a friend heard me sing and asked me to perform a song for her daughter’s batmitvah…in front of 500 people!  Another one of those incredible opportunities dropped into my lap, it was amazing.  The feedback was so encouraging.  I’m off to Nashville next week to meet with different peeps in the music industry and to record.  It’s very exciting and very different to be the ‘talent’.  I took care of the talent for so long…my time to shine.  It’s so much fun.

Thanks again Cynthia for taking the time to chat with me! Be sure to follow her continuing journey on her website,


Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Jewelry Collection 2015

Ever since my jewelry on fan-favorite TV show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer hit the airwaves waaaay back in 1999, people have asked me for the designs used on the show. In fact, the pieces on the show were the reason I started my handmade jewelry business, Peggy Li Creations. The rest is history!

Although I've phased out those original designs over the years and my jewelry design style has changed, the interest in the Buffy pieces has not. So I thought it would be fun to bring back some of those original Buffy designs for a special Buffy Jewelry Revival Collection, just in time for the holidays!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer jewelry

Designs from Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons 4-6 will be represented, pieces worn by Buffy herself (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Willow (Alyson Hannigan) and Tara (Amber Benson). Revisit some of the iconic pieces used on the show in my other blog post, What Jewelry was on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?

Also please check out an exclusive interview with the costume designer for Buffy, the lovely and talented Cynthia Bergstrom. She was the costume designer for the "Scream" movie, "Private Practice" and so much more. She's stepped away from costume design and her new calling is even more amazing than her career in film and TV!

Enjoy the Buffy Revival Collection 2015! I've had a blast re-creating it for you, the fans of BTVS.


8 Easy Breezy (and pretty) Ways to Organize your Jewelry

Here at Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry, I have trays and trays of jewelry in my workspace. But storing them for your own use and organization is a different challenge! It's inevitable for your jewelry to become a little disheveled at times, and while classic jewelry boxes do the trick, it's nice to explore other options for organization. Here are some unconventional (yet fabulously adorable) ways to organize your collection of accessories.

#1 Hit the hardware store

Cabinet hardware acts as a marvelous way to display and organize jewelry. Classic thin drawer pulls of various shapes and sizes easily hang earrings and complimentary knobs act as a pretty home for necklaces. Don’t be afraid to flip a handle upside down to store bracelets and rings…

#2 Channel your inner seamstress

We've all hopped on the sewing/knitting bandwagon at some point, so chances are you could have a thread rack lying around somewhere. This simple wooden storage solution makes for a natural place to display your favorite accessories. Pick up one on the cheap at your local big box store or upgrade to a "fancier"version that reflects your own personal style.

Image found on OneGood Thing By Jillee

#3 Visit consignment shops

Old picture frames are a common item donated to home décor consignment shops. Discard the glass and repurpose the wood insert by lining with satin. Now, lay the picture frame flat, gently place your necklaces, vintage brooches, and other accessories on the fabric. Voilà!

Image found on Sadto Happy Project

#4 Don't discount some "heavy" metal

Who knew the hardware store could be so helpful with organizing your jewelry? Decorativesheet metal is a lightweight element that can be easily framed (remember those consignment shop frames from #3?) and displayed for jewelry storage. The convenience of being able to customize the size by way of metal clippers gives way to a beautiful wall gallery of your favorite accessories.

Image found on Sortrature

#5 String up a chain

Earrings inevitably get lost in that pretty jewelry box, so why not simply hang up a delicate chain to display your chandelier earrings? If you are drawn to weekend DIY projects, creating a longcross knot parachod lanyard will be right up your alley…

Image found on Cleverly Inspired

#6 Hire an artisan

Oh my, ETSY! This wall mounted jewelry organizer features a bracelet bar, necklace holder, cute hooks, and a mesh sheeting for earring placement. A custom, made to order piece, you may choose from 19 different color stains to compliment your bedroom décor.

Image found on Etsy

#7 Go au naturale, kind of…

The odds are slim that you will find deer antlers lying about (unless you are an avid hiker) but you can purchase a gold fauxtaxidermy wall hanging to organize your favorite necklaces. A creative display without hurting little Bambi.

Image found on WhiteFaux Taxidermy

#8 Create your own display/boutique

If rings are your obsession, then searching for a unique way to display your finger bling goes way beyond the traditional velvet insert. Create your own display by stacking rings (and cuffs!) on these woodencandlestick-esque ring holders.

Image found on TheeLetter Q Handmade

How do you organize your accessories?


FAQ: How Did You Get Your Press?

Revised and reposted from 2009(!)

I've had Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li Creations for over 14 years now and there are questions that I am often asked about my business. I'll try and cover one of those questions here on the blog!

By far the most popular question is, "How did you get your Peggy Li Creations press?" followed by "Did you do it yourself?" "How do I get celebrities to wear my jewelry?" and "How do I get my jewelry in magazines?" All of these questions are related. The general answer is, you do it by being persistent and doing your homework (emphasis on WORK)! And yes, I got all my press myself.

1. Do your homework. Target TV and press that fits with your design style. When you focus your efforts you will get better results than trying to chase everything and everyone down. Folks at magazines and on TV shows are busy and inundated with requests. They will only look at things that will work for them - be sure you're a good fit with their style and vibe. This means reading the magazines and watching the shows you're targeting. You can get most magazines at the library - I used to sit for hours at the local bookstore magazine rack and took notes! All these folks have social media accounts now, too -- just use a little Google sleuthing to find them and get to know them.
2. Create a professional-looking press kit. Approach this as you would applying for a job. You create a cover letter, addressed to a *person* (find this person on the masthead of the magazine or the credits of a TV show). Generally you want the Accessories Editor or the Costume Designer. Add a few pics of your jewelry, a bio page and your contact information and those are the basics! I don't recommend sending samples unless they are requested.
3. Tell a story. Do this by sharing a little bit about yourself on your bio page. What is your design inspiration? Give them a quick one or two lines about your design philosophy eg "I make everything from recycled materials and my goal is to help the environment".
4. Be timely. Remember that TV shows and magazines are working about 3 months in advance of airing or print. Newspapers (don't forget local publications!) have a shorter lead time. Don't send a pitch talking about holiday gift guides in November! They have set their issues months before.
5. Be patient. Jewelry is very competitive. Take the time to evolve your business image and learn to edit your descriptions (and your designs!). Learn about the industry and discover your niche. Don't worry if you aren't in the black yet -- it takes time to grow a healthy business. Keep your goals realistic while still having the "stretch" goals of world domination ;-).
6. Be professional. Respond in a timely manner, keep the casual chatter to a minimum, and remember -- relationships are everything. We are human and sometimes we don't respond to an email or there is an online miscommunication, but it is a small world out there. If you tell a magazine you will send samples by Thursday, they better get there Thursday! It's not personal; it's business.
7. Don't forget online press. Online press is great exposure not only because it is often "free", but because links and online mentions will benefit the SEO for your website! Look for product review sites, shopping blogs, etc.
8. Generate your own press. Don't forget to send timely sales news to your email list, Facebook Fan page, and Twitter followers! Write about your business on your blog. Taking advantage of social media will only benefit you.

There are other great resources out there on this topic:

Get Media Happy
Subscription service that has media requests and tips on DIY PR.

Tin Shingle: 
PR tips, training and resources.

Jewelry Business Tips from Nina Designs
Nina has been a mentor to me and her business has endured because she's an awesome entrepreneur.

You can also check out my FAQ on Press Kits Part I and FAQ on Press Kits Part II.

Guest Post - Pantone Fall 2015 color report and jewelry (of course)!

Today I have an awesome guest blog post from Debra Haas, long time jewelry lover. I asked her to talk about Fall colors and jewelry and here she is! Thank you, Debra! You can also follow her on Twitter @earringmaven.


I’m a longtime fan of Peggy Li’s jewelry – and I’ve written about her on my own blog, Facets of Myself, so I when she asked if I’d like to write a post for her blog, I jumped at the chance.  With new fashions beginning to appear in magazines and store windows, I thought the Fall 2015 Pantone color report would be a good place to start.

If you live on the east coast and someone says “fall colors” – you think of trees.  If you are a jewelry blogger, fall colors are the ones that Pantone (the color company) has identified as the trends for the coming cooler weather.
Image from SecondCity Style -

This fall, Pantone’s color palette includes a lot of blue undertones, which is great for someone like me with dark hair and fair skin.  It also reminds me of the Southwestern colors that were popular in the 1980s - but without being quite so washed out.

If you can’t afford to update your wardrobe with a lot of new items, or if like me you have a closet full of basic pieces, accessories are a great way to freshen up your look and add color and interest to your outfits.

I’m a khakis and cardigans kind of gal – and sometimes I just can’t quite see myself wearing the trend of moment.  Feathers, for example, are huge this fall – but I’m not really the feathery sweater type.  However, I’m loving Peggy’s adaptation of this trend in her new feather jewelry – part of a group of Southwestern inspired pieces she’s recently added to her store (I’ve had my eye on these stamped earrings for a while).

Sunburst Stamped Earrings
Jewelry is also a great – and versatile – way to add color to your basics.  Two of Peggy’s necklaces really capture this year’s color palette.  They both have the blues, greens and orchid colors shown above, with a warm gold chain – they incorporate all the colors into a single piece.

Mosaic Opal Necklace from Peggy Li Creations
For a more traditional look, I really like the Mosaic Opal necklace.   You can customize it by choosing your length (one of the great things about Peggy’s jewelry is you can customize many of her pieces with the length of the chain, or your choice of metal) – and it would look great with either a casual outfit – like a crisp white shirt and dark jeans, or with your favorite LBD for cocktails or a holiday party.

Galactic Blue Arrowhead Necklace
If you want something a little edgier, I love her Galactic Blue Arrowhead necklace.  Like the opal, it contains all the great fall colors, but it is a little more “out there” – and incorporates a bit of the Southwestern theme as well.

If a statement necklace is too much of a commitment, or you are drawn to the warmer colors in this fall’s palette, consider a pair (or two) of Peggy’s great multi-stone earrings.  Peggy uses a wonderful variety of semiprecious stones in her jewelry.  

These tourmaline stack earrings combine wonderful colors in a fun, casual dangle style.  

Mink and Garnet Earrings

Rainbow Crystal Earrings

The Mink and Garnet earrings, a mix of tourmalines above a gorgeous garnet briolette are classic, go with everything drops…and if you are going for drama, or you can’t decide which color – the long (2 ½ inches) rainbow crystal dangles are your earrings!

No matter what you are looking for – you are sure to find it in Peggy’s wonderful, easy to navigate online store.  Not only will you find a wide array of styles and prices, you can choose jewelry worn on popular television shows – including some of my favorites – Elementary, Castle and the Blacklist.

I like to say that every piece of jewelry tells a story – if you want to know more about mine, feel free to hop over to my blog.  In the meantime, I hope you will buy, wear and enjoy Peggy’s jewelry to tell your story.

Peggy Li Creations 3D Printed Jewelry

I love technology and of course fashion, so I try and keep my eye out for new metals, materials and techniques. One of the most exciting recent breakthroughs is affordable 3D printing. These machines take 3D computer rendered models and will print them in a variety of materials, from plastic to metals!

For jewelry makers, this technology means that detailed models you create on the computer can be easily translated into jewelry waxes. Intricate designs that would be difficult to hand carve with traditional techniques can now be created with the touch of a button!  These waxes are then handled in a traditional way, using lost wax techniques to create a mold and then have the jewelry designs cast from those molds.

For Peggy Li Creations jewelry, of course had to dabble! For my 3D printed jewelry experiments, I created these awesome rings using a basic 3D modeling program at Shapeways. For the program, I designed the rings "flat", as if the ring were cut open and laid flat on a table. It takes a little tweaking since I am not a 3D pro, but it was so fun to use my design brain in a different way. The program then takes that flat shape and turns it into a ring shape for you, where you can easily tweak things like thickness, height, and more, at the touch of a button. Amazing.

Here are some 3D printed jewelry designs I've created for you!

Cigar Band Cutout Ring - on trend, thick banded ring with a twist! Available in sterling silver or 18k gold plated bronze, this piece can be worn as a solid band or turned to reveal the slim sleek and sexy cutout.

Gold Cigar Band Ring
Cage Ring - Strong yet light, I love the look of this "cage" ring. Stack this with other pieces for a totally unique look! 
Gold Cage Ring
Thorn Band Ring - I love a stacking ring with a bit of edge! These slim rings have a bit of an organic feel, they have a twist that make them totally fun to stack with other rings. 

Thorn Stacking Ring
Love these 3D designs? Shop for them at and leave me a comment below!


Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis Jewelry - Lila & Eve

I love movies and TV! Part of the fun of running my jewelry business is getting to work with amazing people in the film and TV business. For example, my journey when I got the call from brilliant costume designer Ane Crabtree ("Masters of Sex", "Westworld") who was working on a little indie film called Lila & Eve. Oh and by the way, the movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis.


I love love love Jennifer Lopez, I think she is one of the most beautiful and talented women on the planet! And Viola Davis? Killing it on the new Shonda Rhimes TV show "How to Get Away With Murder"? Amazing. I was so excited to be a part of this production!

Lila & Eve is a gritty drama about two moms who are grieving the loss of their kids to street violence. Eve (Jennifer Lopez) befriends Lila (Viola Davis) and together they start to take charge of finding out who murdered Lila's son. Their friendship is at the heart of this film, which was also produced by Viola Davis and her husband.

Movies are funny things - many get shot and then it takes months for them to see the light of day. Sometimes movies don't even make it to audiences! A small film like Lila & Eve is no different! It took only a few weeks to shoot and then it was a waiting game. Would the film hit theaters? It screened at the Sundance Film Festival, which was super exciting and then got picked up for release on demand and on iTunes, with a limited theater release in July 2015.

Watch Lila & Eve at a theater near you or on demand.

Peggy Li Creations jewelry seen in Lila & Eve are reflections of the characters themselves. For Eve, Jlo herself, she wears a sparkling Snake Pendant Necklace. Eve+Snake = ?

Lila and Eve jewelry
Jennifer Lopez as Eve in the movie "Lila & Eve" wearing a Peggy Li Creations necklace.

For Lila (Viola Davis), she wears a deep, dark, dimensional Drusy Dot Necklace. I think it's a great symbol of the depth of her grief and the many layers to the feelings she is grappling with.

Viola Davis jewelry
Viola Davis as Lila in the movie "Lila & Eve" wearing a Peggy Li Creations necklace.
Check out the film and be sure to check out more of my handmade jewelry seen on TV and film!

Peggy Li

Kaitlyn Bristowe Necklace from The Bachelorette

This season of The Bachelorette has been the most dramatic ever with controversial bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kaitlyn stirred things up by letting in a late entry to win her heart (ahem Nick) and then by spending "fantasy suite" time with that guy before they got to the fantasy suite. To me, even more dramatic has been the number of guys who voluntarily left the show early on! It does beg the question of what happens when the main contestant has instant chemistry with only one or two of the guys? Many weeks of television to fill up, you know?

Luckily there is plenty of eye candy along the way, including Kaitlyn's cozy fashion. Favoring sweaters and simple jewelry, Kaitlyn wore a Peggy Li Creations necklace on her New York City Dates where she and "Cupcake" took to the Broadway Aladdin stage.

Kaitlyn Bristowe blue necklace
Kaitlyn Bristowe wears my Swiss Blue Point Necklace. 

OK I'll admit, I was skeptical of Kaitlyn at the beginning, but this girl has grown on me. She's not very good at hiding her feelings and she seems to go with it. Gotta give props to that. For once, the drama is coming from the men, not the woman!

Shop this and other Bachelorette jewelry used on the show (with former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman) on my website seen on TV jewelry.


Jewelry on Melissa and Joey

ABC Family TV show Melissa and Joey is a quirky, funny family sitcom featuring two of TV's most likable stars, Melissa Joan Hart (of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch fame) and Joey Lawrence (Blossom!). Melissa plays Mel, a city councilwoman who ends up marrying her "manny", a goofy but handsome Joey. Together, they raise Mel's niece and nephew, Lennox and Ryder. Lennox is played by rising teen star Taylor Spreitler and Ryder is played by Nick Robinson.

Mel always alludes to a sassy past, and their fashion is never ordinary - bright basics for Mel and boho chic for Lennox. I love seeing my Peggy Li Creations jewelry on both of these ladies!  Check out the necklaces featured below and visit my website to shop the looks!

Melissa Joan Hart necklace
Mel (Melissa Joan Hart) wears a Peggy Li Creations Horseshoe Charm Necklace on Melissa & Joey.
Taylor Spreitler necklace Melissa and Joey
Lennox (Taylor Spreitler) wears my Deco Bar Necklace on a few episodes of Melissa & Joey!
McKenna Melissa and Joey
McKenna (Greer Grammer) on Melissa and Joey wearing my Tiny Feather necklace.
The show was not renewed for a fifth season, but I can't wait to see how they wrap up the story so far. Hope you've loved the fun fashion as much as I have!


Accessorize Like The Stars (without breaking the bank)

I've always got my eye on what's going on in fashion here at Peggy Li Creations jewelry. From red carpet looks, to unsuspecting paparazzi shots, celebrities always step out looking effortlessly chic. So, how does the everyday woman achieve a celebrity look without a celebrity budget? The answer is actually quite simple, by shopping smart! We’ve come up with a few affordable ideas to have you accessorizing like your favorite starlets in no time, with the unique twists and handmade quality only Peggy Li Creations jewelry can provide.

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller has been creating a buzz in the fashion industry since she made her big movie debut in early 2000. This bohemian goddess keeps things fun and trendy by piling on the sparkling accessories. Her effortless look below can be achieved by layering a few of our minimalist pieces; like these Thin Gold Rings and this Thin Hammered Bracelet. We also included a few more of our favorite rings, like the Aztec Swirl Ring and Little Hug Ring. Due to the simplicity and versatility of these pieces, they’re sure to give you the most bang for your buck – you will be able to wear this ringstack multiple ways!
Sienna Miller - Look For Less

Little Hug Ring

Aztec Ring

Thin Gold Ring

Jessica Alba
Not only has Jessica Alba stared in countless movies, but she’s also built a $1 billon dollar company geared around selling safe, organic baby products for moms like herself. Regardless of how busy this career-minded mom may be, she always manages to blow us away with her breathtaking red carpet looks. At the 2014 People’s Choice Awards, Alba dazzled fans with her chic white dress and edgy array of gold earrings. We’ve paired a few of our fave pieces to help you achieve this fun look for less. Our Deco Round Hoops, Triangle Post Earrings, and Double Ear Cuffs are all equally fashion forward, yet easily affordable. Mix and match these pieces today!
Jessica Alba

Beyonce Knowles
The queen of R&B is known worldwide, and so is her undeniable sense of fashion. Beyonce has managed to release countless hit records, all while raising a little one, and looking good doing it! This year, at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Beyonce stepped out wearing a sleek black dress paired with jaw dropping emerald green earrings. To get this look we paired our own Emerald Green Earrings with our matching Small Witchy Green Necklace. To spice it up a bit, and give the look that added Queen B flair, we also included our Quartz Hand Bracelet.

Hope you love these looks! Have fun with celebrity style inspiration and have fun accessorizing! xoxo Peggy

Jewelry on Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is an ensemble show starring Edie Falco, but who it really stars is an ensemble of amazing women including Emmy-winner Merritt Wever as Zoey Barkow, Betty Gilpin as Dr. Carrie Roman, and Anna Deavere Smith as Gloria Akalitus. It's always fascinating to find a show that showcases the friendship between women and why are they always shows around hospitals?

Anyhow, I was thrilled to send some jewelry pieces in to the show for their seventh and final season. Here are the jewelry pieces that I've spotted on the show so far!

Carrie Roman necklace
Carrie Roman is befriending Zoey - no good can come of this. Here, she's wearing my Tiny Pearls Necklace.

Zoey Barkow earrings
Sweet Zoey wears my simple Tiny Butterfly Earrings in sterling silver. They match her sunny personality to a T!

Carrie Roman ruby necklace nurse jackie
Carrie Roman wears my Compass Point Necklace in ruby. This necklace was also seen on The Vampire Diaries!
Are you a Nurse Jackie fan? Who is your favorite character on the show?  See these jewelry pieces and other jewelry seen on TV on my website.


Jennette McCurdy in Peggy Li Creations Simple Dot Necklace

What a thrill to spot TV and music star Jennette McCurdy on the Nylon Magazine red carpet wearing a Peggy Li Creations necklace!

Jennette is best know for playing Sam Puckett on TV show iCarly (the Nickelodeon show also starring Miranda Cosgrove) and then in her own TV show Sam & Cat. She's currently starring in the Netflix series "Between", a mystery-thriller that will unfold over several episodes. You can learn more about Jennette by following her on Twitter @jennettemccurdy.  She's super cool and even sent me this sweet tweet:

Jennette Mccurdy wears Peggy Li Creations necklace

In the image above, Jennette is layering her look with a Peggy Li Creations Simple Dot Necklace in gold vermeil. Big thanks to her fab stylist, Audrey Brianne for putting together this look! I love Jennette's edgy but still young and fresh style!

Check out this delicate necklace and other pieces seen on TV and favorite celebrities on my website, Peggy Li Creations