'Preneur Meetup Dec 21st

IMPORTANT UPDATE -- Due to hectic schedules, we'll be cancelling this event and trying again in the new year. Happy Holidays! -- Peggy

I've recently joined an entrepreneurial networking group called 'preneur and it's a great group of women who are all in business for themselves. They offer articles with tons of information on small business topics, including PR, social media, and "Ask the Expert" tips. There are members-only features, including PR leads and forums. So far, the group has been fairly active with an email newsgroup and a steady stream of articles for their members. Based in NYC, there are also social events for networking.

I'm happy to announce that the very first West Coast meeting of preneur members will be hosted by me on December 21st at The Coffee Bar in the Inner Mission. While this time of year is a little crazy for me, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet up with other small business owners, which is something on my "to-do" list for 2012. To grow my own business, Peggy Li Creations jewelry, I need to continue to grow my knowledge base and being a member of preneur has encouraged me to do so!

So come out on to The Coffee Bar, purchase a great beverage and sit and chat with me! Please RSVP here so I know to expect you:

IMPORTANT UPDATE -- Due to hectic schedules, we'll be cancelling this event and trying again in the new year. Happy Holidays! -- Peggy
Hope to see you there!

SF Made Holiday Fair Sunday, Dec 11, 2011

Peggy Li Creations jewelry is proud to participate in the first SF Made holiday fair at Fort Mason! This is my one big show for the holiday season. SFMade.org is a neat local organization for businesses, you guessed it, based in San Francisco.

Over 50 vendors will be at Fort Mason on Sunday, December 11th from 10 am-5pm, including yours truly. I'll have lots of items from the website as well as one-of-a-kind pieces just at my table. For more information on the show, visit the SFMade Holiday Fair website. Want to see something specific? Email me in advance so I can be sure to have it at the show!

Hope to see you there! Follow Peggy Li Creations on Twitter or Peggy Li Creations on Facebook for additional news and updates.

FAQ: Where Can I Take Jewelry Making Classes / How do I learn to Make Jewelry?

Every now and then I get asked about how I got started making jewelry and if I have any recommendations for people who want to learn. I started out making handmade jewelry for Peggy Li Creations completely self-taught, but have gone on to take a few classes and read books on new techniques. What's great about jewelry, however, is that it is so easy to get started and learn. Just some beads, wire and pliers! But if you're looking for more instruction, here are a couple of ways I've found to learn about the art of jewelry making!

1) Check out your local community Parks and Recreation Center. They often have quarterly classes/events, with sections on arts and crafts that may include jewelry making.

2) Community colleges or even universities are a great resource -- see if they have summer courses or what they call "extension" courses in fine arts. If they don't have classes available for that quarter/semester, they still may have "open studio" time where you can use their art studios.

3) Bead shops. Great community bead stores often have folks with great experience behind the counter, even if they don't hold formal classes. Some big Bay Area bead stores include Global Beads in Mountain View, Baubles and Beads in Berkeley and General Bead in San Francisco.

4) Jewelry arts colleges do exist! I've taken an amazing seminar at The Revere Academy in San Francisco (which offers diploma courses and full on technician training) and have applied to FIT's jewelry design major.

5) Apprenticeships. Ask local jewelry designers if they are willing to teach! Up and coming designers often need some extra hands on big orders, or want to push of some repetitive work onto a helper. Get some practice and learn from someone more advanced in skill.

6) Online resources. OMG, there are many online jewelry supply companies that are offering video or printable jewelry how-tos. Not to mention You Tube!  Do a search and you're sure to find a lot of different resources.

7) Magazines and books. There are countless magazines with great basic tips (and ads for the biggest jewelry suppliers around) and great books that can teach you everything about jewelry making. Try your library and peruse the choices before buying.

8) Local instructors. The DIY movement is only growing. Do a search for local artisans/instructors/classes and you are sure to find some. The Bay Area is lucky to have vibrant local artist communities and I've found awesome independent studios who also offer instructional classes.

Still don't know where to start? Stop by your favorite bead store and ask! If anyone is in the know, its people who love beads as much as we do.

Peggy Li

Savings for Cyber Monday

The Monday after Thanksgiving Day weekend has been dubbed "Cyber Monday" to note that more and more gift shoppers are turning to the Web to do their purchases. And why not? You may shop without the hassle of finding parking, waiting in line, or traveling to the store only to find that they don't have what you're looking for.

With Peggy Li Creations as a primarily online handmade jewelry site, Cyber Monday is a big part of my year. When you order early, it gives me time to create your pieces and ship them out in time for you to receive them for any holiday gift-giving. It also ensures that you will get the pieces you want (before they sell out)!

And don't forget my Cyber Monday Deal -- coupon code "HOLIDAY11" for 20% off* anything on my website (that includes sale jewelry items)! Hurry, this offer ends this Monday 11/28/11! *Offer can not be combined with other coupons or used on custom orders.

Use this coupon even on new items like the just posted Amber Droplet Necklace (yummy)!

Oh, and these amazing Spiked Drusy Earrings!
Thank you for your support of small business and Cyber Monday! Happy Holidays!

Peggy Li

Small Business Saturday!

American Express has declared Saturday, November 26th as "small business Saturday", helping to promote holiday shoppers to shop local, shop small business! Pledge to shop today on the Small Business Saturday Facebook page.

I'm definitely thankful for my amazing customers and friends who support my small business (for over 10 years now!). So please don't forget to take advantage of my coupon deal this holiday weekend -- use code "HOLIDAY11" for 20% off* anything at Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry. Shop for feminine, timeless jewelry, looks that have been seen on TV's "Private Practice", "Ringer", "Hart of Dixie" and more!

So have an amazing holiday weekend of deals and steals! The support of one small business supports dozens of other small businesses!  The coupon expires at the end of Cyber Monday, so don't miss out! It also helps me to get your orders in as early as possible to ensure I can ship your jewelry goodies out in time for holiday gift-giving.

Thank you!
Peggy Li

* Offer expires 11/28/11. One coupon per customer. Sorry, coupon not valid for custom orders or previously placed orders.

Holiday Gift Guide 2011 -- Peggy Li Creations

Looking for an elegant, simple necklace or charm necklace for a great holiday gift? The holidays are the biggest time of the year for Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry! Here are a few of my picks from the best selling necklaces, earrings and more. Each piece reflects the PLC woman -- classic, elegant, feminine. To see everything I have to offer, jump on over to the Peggyli.com website. Don't forget to use the "Amazon Wishlist" button, Twitter, Facebook or Google + buttons to let your friends and family know what you're craving for the holidays! If you're giving a gift, please order early for best selection.

Peggy's favorite holiday gift picks for the 2011 holiday season! Why not give (or get) a great piece of jewelry for a gift?

1. Pave Diamond Necklace
$159 - peggyli.com
2. Butterfly Twist Earrings
$32 - peggyli.com

3. Herkimer Diamond Necklace
$59 - peggyli.com

4. Clustered Circle Necklace
$44 - peggyli.co

5. Rimmed Initial Pendant Necklace
$49 - peggyli.com
6. Round Gold Initial Necklace
$52 - peggyli.com
7. Large Lotus Hoop Earrings
$42 - peggyli.com
8.Montana Agate Brass Cuff
$44 - peggyli.com

Jewelry Finishing Touches

Every single Peggy Li Creations jewelry order goes through my hands. After making thousands of pieces for hundreds of customers, I've been thinking a lot lately about the finishing touches to my pieces. There are some details that I find important to remind myself of as I assemble and create your jewelry pieces!
  • Every wire loop I make and cut, I like to tuck in the loose ends with my pliers.
  • Stones or jewelry components in pairs I choose by hand to match as best as I can in shape, color and size.
  • Each piece gets a final polish to remove fingerprints and give it that last bit of shine before going to its lucky owner!
  • I use the thickest gauge wire possible when making wire connections.
  • With the exception of some vintage materials, I use sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, 14k gold or quality gold overlay and gold plate over silver. I've begun adding domestic bronze from a trusted supplier to give a range of price points and metal color options.
  • One of my goals is to constantly study, learn and improve my techniques through classes, reading and practice, practice!
As is to be expected with handcrafted jewelry designs using handmade components and natural gemstones, variations are going to happen. I actually love the little quirks and irregularities and differences in color, size and texture in the raw natural materials I use -- these are nature's patterns and there is really no way to improve upon the natural beauty or happenstance that goes into the creation of a new piece of jewelry!

I hope that you feel the thought and care put in to every PLC piece and enjoy it! When you purchase a piece of jewelry from me, you have a piece for life.


Jewelry Seen on Ringer, Hart of Dixie

September and October means the return of Fall TV and the debut of new television shows! I am so excited to say that Peggy Li Creations jewelry is appearing on TV shows again this fall. I love playing "I spy" and spotting my handmade jewelry designs on new shows and old favorites, all worn by beautiful actresses! You can see all of my jewelry on TV on my Press page.

Jewelry seen on new CW hit show "Ringer" which stars Peggy Li Creations favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar (review jewelry seen on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer). Tara Summers wears my Drusy Cuff bracelet. There is somuch fabulous jewelry on Ringer, it is truly amazing to be included! Ringer is set in Manhattan, with Tara Summers playing Gemma, a well-known interior designer and best friend to Siobhan, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I  might be most excited about new CW show "Hart of Dixie", since it stars fashion icon Rachel Bilson. I see Rachel all the time in magazines and she even has her own column in InStyle Magazine! In the last episode, "Gumbo & Glory", My Geo Shape Earrings in triangle were worn by Nadine Velazquez as Didi.

In Hart of Dixie episode "In Havoc & In Heat" we were treated to more backstory between mayor Lavon Hayes and Lemon Breeland, plus a peek at my Oxidized Fringe Earrings as worn by character Didi!

In the latest Hart of Dixie episode, one of the town matrons, played by Esther Scott, gossips in the local beauty parlor (hub for all news in the little town of Bluebell), wearing my Tiger Ebony Floating Chain Earrings.

Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry -- Pink Coral Earrings

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a month where women all over the world are asked to remember their breast health. Early detection and awareness is the best weapon against this horrible disease. I am lucky enough to say that my Mom is a survivor of breast cancer. She had a mastectomy back in 2000 and has been cancer-free ever since. She was diligent about having regular mammograms and her cancer was detected early enough for doctors to take action. So October for me is an important month and I'd like to encourage women, no matter what age, to take control of your health and at least get informed with information!  With Peggy Li Creations jewelry, you also have the chance to help me support breast cancer awareness with a pair of earrings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Pink Coral Earrings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Everyone knows the pink ribbon as the symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness. In honor of this symbol, I am donating 50% of sales of my Pink Coral Earrings during the month of October to the Susan G. Komen foundation, the largest and best-funded breast cancer foundation in the U.S.  With partnerships in over 50 countries and over $2 billion in funds going towards education and cancer research, the Susan G. Komen foundation is a solid foundation that I am proud to support. Read more about the Susan G. Komen foundation on Wikipedia.

The BCA month was in created in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical company now known as AstraZeneca. The history of the month as a fund-raising and awareness opportunity is outlined on the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month page on Wikipedia.

Thank you for helping me support breast cancer awareness with great jewelry for a great cause!

Book Review: The Big Enough Company

As a "solo-preneur" for my handmade jewelry business, Peggy Li Creations, I'm always on the lookout for resources for small business owners. It was through my membership to Preneur.net that I first heard about the book The Big Enough Company. Of course I have a very long reading list that I ultimately never get to. But the premise of the book really intrigued me, as it promised to cover topics I think about often with my business and topics I often speak about with fellow small biz owners.
Written by Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams, small business coaches who founded a small business collective office space called In Good Company, wrote this book from their experiences talking to entrepreneurs. Usually the approach of small business coaches is, "I'll show you how I did it" and "Ways to get more out of your business." This book was refreshing in that it addressed the unique motivations of truly small small business owners -- that we face this ongoing pressure to "do better" and "get bigger", while this may not be at all what the business should do. More importantly, it may not be what you *want* to do. And if nothing else, a small business owner gets into business for themselves so they can call the shots!

I enjoyed thinking about the questions they posed (and I asked the authors to create a printable worksheet to follow the Q&A that permeates each chapter) and it was a very quick read. It was also insightful to read anecdotes from other entrepreneurs (and in my case, business owners other than jewelry designers was refreshing). In addition to the real-life cases, Adelaide and Amy also demonstrated their examples with fictional characters to give clear examples of the concepts they proposed.

I highly recommend this book to small business owners, especially if you've been toiling in your business for a few years and find yourself a little lost in it. If you feel like the business is running you and you're not running the business, give this book a try. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book, if you've already read it! Please leave a comment!

Buy a copy in print or in digital format here at Amazon: The Big Enough Company.

Follow In Good Company on Twitter: @ingoodcmpny

All the best,

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens first burst on the scene as the "good girl" in the High School Musical TV movies. Now branching out from the Disney-world, her sense of style has evolved far from that bubblegum world. Vanessa is now known for her eclectic, boho chic style and old Hollywood glamour. She first caught my eye in the photo below-- sleek black trousers and a gorgeous Tucker silk blouse, given a studded belt to contrast the soft with a bit of edge. Gorgeous!

What Vanessa Hudgens usually never lacks is accesories! She's not afraid to layer long necklaces on her petite frame, going for lots of texture and sparkle. For her Oscar look below, her then-boyfriend Zac Efron was her best accessory, and she opted for just some elegant long earrings. Pink coral, maybe? Check out my simple Pink Coral drop earrings here!

Get the look! Check out my Pink Coral Drop earrings.
Most recently, Vanessa has been sporting more of a boho-chic look, complete with floppy felt hats, feathers, armcuffs, and lots of layered jewelry. Think Ali Macgraw with a little early Cher thrown in.  Check out Vanessa's outfit she wore to the Outside Lands music festival, below. I love the tribal jewelry, maxi skirt, and of course, feather accessories!

Get the look! My Small Chevron Necklace and Long Feather Earrings.
Here's another look that Vanessa loves to wear, a simple black cross. Even with its simple lines, the black stone makes an impact! I have a version of her black cross necklace in black onyx with gold overlay, on leather cord. Wear it shorter or choose a longer length to layer.
Get my version of Vanessa Hudgen's cross necklace: Onyx Cross Necklace.
I'll continue to watch Hudgen's style evolve. As she continues to find her own voice and style, I'm sure it will become something even more amazing.

Please visit my jewelry website, Peggy Li Creations, for even more fabulous handmade jewelry inspiration!

Thank you,

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Megan Fox

I recently spotted this photo of Megan Fox on her way to dinner with her stepson Cassius and hubby Brian Austin Green and was mesmerized by her look. I loved the scarlet of the flowing long maxi dress and of course loved the chunky chain she wore with a bright pop of turquoise color contrasting against the red! A stunning jewelry look on a stunningly beautiful actress.

The mystical properties of turquoise say that the stone helps you communicate, so  it is a good stone to keep around your throat and neck.  Peggy Li Creations jewelry has a few turquoise necklace options available -- necklaces, earrings and rings -- including a necklace similar to the one Megan Fox wears here:

Turquoise Chunk Necklace: On sale for $105!

3-Stone Turquoise Necklace: $69-$79

Turquoise Nugget Ring: $49-$52

Fringed Stone Earrings: $49

Do you love turquoise jewelry? To me, there is no other blue stone quite like it. It is a timeless addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Try any of my turquoise necklaces, earrings or rings to see for yourself!
All the best,

FAQ: What jewelry was on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Season 6, Part II

Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show "Ringer" premieres September 13th, 2011. So excited to see her back on the screen! Her new show has gotten me nostalgic about the awesome Buffy days. So I dug into the image archives to find the place where it all started... my first Peggy Li Creations jewelry designs on TV!

Buffy, the Vampire Season 6 was a great year for me as a jewelry designer and big "Buffy" fan! You can see all the jewelry designs used on Buffy, Season 4, as well as on Buffy, Season 6 part I. Here are the rest of the Peggy Li Creations seen on season 6 on characters Amy, Willow, Tara and Dawn (Played by actresses Elizabeth Anne Allen, Alyson Hannigan, Amber Benson and Michelle Trachtenberg, respectively).

Here in the episode "Wrecked", Amy tries to persuade Willow to go see a friend of hers. She's wearing a handmade necklace featuring vintage mother-of-pearl belt buckles transformed into necklace links, joined together with ultrasuede. This neckpiece choker tied at the back and was adjustable!

Michelle Trachtenberg as Buffy's sister(?) Dawn in one of her first big roles, pre-Gossip Girl, wears a red white and blue pendant I created out of a sticker sheet, on a leather cord. They were puffy glitter stickers that I liked the look of. OK, so perhaps not my best design moment. But it was on episode "Doublemeat Palace" of Buffy fame!

In the episode "Normal Again," Alyson Hannigan as Willow wears a double stranded necklace I made out of vintage carnelian beads. These beads were truly fantastic, worn down like seaglass, matte and so unique! The longer strand featured a tiny 18k gold pendant and the entire necklace was finished with a filigree pearl clasp in the back.  I sold out of these necklaces so quickly! And I have never seen those beads again.

Last, but not least, Amber Benson as Tara. I love the jewelry pieces she wore in the episode "Seeing Red". Here, she as on mother of pearl earrings with hand-twisted wires. Her necklace is a wire worked piece created with vintage mother of pearl carved into different size flower buttons. So amazing! It was an ethereal piece, fit for an Elf Queen, or in this case, a magical Tara.

There you go! As I find more screencaps I will add more pieces (yes, there is more). Too bad Buffy was not filmed in the age of HD. Someday!  Want to see more of my designs on TV and film? Check out the Peggy Li Creations Press Page for movies, TV, print, celebrities and online press.


Flashback: "Superbad"! Peggy Li Creations jewelry worn by Emma Stone, Martha MacIsaac

"Superbad" is one of those movies that has become a teen classic, taking raunch and geeky insecurities and humor to a whole new level. We will never forget the breakout performances from Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and oh yeah, that guy who played McLovin'. It also marked a big breakout debut for one sparkling Emma Stone, who plays dorkably loveable Jules. I was so excited to hear that my jewelry designs, Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry made it into the film! And now you can see them anytime on DVD.

See Martha MacIsaac as Becca wearing my Peace Tag necklace:

As well as my Champagne Bubble necklace worn by Emma Stone!  I'm sure we'll be seeing even more amazing movies from Emma Stone, she currently is in "Crazy Stupid Love" and "The Help" and will soon play Gwen Stacy in the Spiderman reboot!

Click here to see all the Peggy Li Creations in the movie Superbad.

FAQ: Jewelry on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Season 6 Part I

So excited for Sarah Michelle Gellar's new TV show, Ringer, which premieres in September! It's got me thinking about the exciting days when I would watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV every week, hoping to see my jewelry worn by the cast. I was never more thrilled than seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing one of my floating crystal chokers!

The fun continued during season 6 where my jewelry designs were worn by Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Benson and more. This post is part I of the jewelry pieces featured on Buffy, then check out post Part II!

Season 6 season premiere episode "Beginnings" was certainly the beginning; this episode gave us hints of Dark Willow to come. Here, Alyson Hannigan as Willow wears a blue chalcedony necklace on sterling silver chain (right before dispatching an innocent fawn).

I loved this handmade necklace I created that featured round amber beads and a red carnelian pendant. The small round beads in amber (fossilized tree sap!) were truly a unique find. I bought all I could find and have never seen them again! Willow wore this necklace a few times during the season.

In this episode, "Life Serial", Willow wears one of my most popular jewelry designs of the time, a hand knotted silk necklace featuring a mix of semiprecious stones. This necklace has amethyst, garnets and carnelians. I also offered this design in a silk bracelet that a customer recently asked me about. Maybe I will bring it back? Thoughts?

More Willow! Here, in the episode "All the Way", Alyson Hannigan wears a necklace I created featuring a vintage glass pendant that I wire-wrapped and matched with a leather cord.

The lovely Amber Benson as love interest Tara also wore some of my jewelry designs. Here, in Buffy episode "Smashed", she wears tourmaline earrings and a matching handmade tourmaline necklace that has a vintage amber pendant.

When I started making jewelry, I was always drawn to unusual stones and pendants, often using vintage components. Many of the necklaces and earrings were one-of-a-kind and such a pleasure to make. It was even more amazing to see these pieces being used on a hit TV show! As my business grew, I had to think about creating pieces that more than one person could enjoy. But that doesn't mean I don't still make one of a kind pieces, or work on custom jewelry designs for my customers. Feel free to email me with any questions and please visit my jewelry website, peggyli.com for even more handmade jewelry!

Ready for more Peggy Li hand made jewelry on Buffy? Jump over to:

FAQ: Jewelry on Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6 Part II

all the best,

Feather Earrings, Feather Jewelry

With the current burst in the feather hair extension trend going on right now (do we have Steven Tyler of American Idol to thank?) and seen on actresses everywhere, including the Glee girls Dianna Aragon and Ashley Fink, and one of my style inspirations, Vanessa Hudgens, I thought it would be a good time to revive some feather jewelry creations for Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry!

I first dabbled in feather jewelry back when I made pieces for Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I used dark black feathers on a floating invisible wire choker, as seen on Harmony in the 4th season episode "Harsh Light of Day". (See other PLC jewelry on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4).

Feather accents these days are light, colorful, and made to be seen! While feather hair extensions are attached to your hair, I think feather earrings are a great option because you can add/remove them as you please.

I have two versions available on the site right now, a burst of color from smaller peacock feathers in my Peacock Glow Earrings;

Or a longer version of awesome natural rooster feathers that have an eyecatching tiger-stripe pattern are Long Feather Earrings:

What do you think of feather jewelry and feather accents in fashion?


Celebrity Style Inspiration: Selena Gomez

I've been a fan of Selena Gomez since she first hit the scene as Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place. In fact, I had sent the show some jewelry to be used on the show a few years ago! Her style on the Disney Channel show was a bit boho chic, with lots of colors and TONS of accessories that she would layer. Alex wore hair accessories, bracelets, necklaces, rings -- and her BFF Harper wore quirky jewelry, like fruity earrings, too.

Selena Gomez's style has come a long way since then! Now a regular on the red carpet, she is now turning heads with her elegant, increasingly grown-up fashion. Wearing gorgeous dresses and sporting old Hollywood glamour makeup, Selena is becoming a fashion icon. Her fame is also helped by her current boyfriend, maybe you've heard of him? Justin Beiber!

From Wizards of Waverly Place to the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party. Selena Gomez is changing her fashion for a whole new image. That red dress and classic red lip is a great look!

At the recent Teen Choice Awards, Selena stunned on the red carpet with a cheery yellow Erin Featherstone dress and a simple charm necklace in gold which featured three gold rings. The rings/circles can be symbols of karma, the idea that every cause has an effect, that we are all connected. I loved her look so much, I immediately added my own version of the gold circle necklace to my charm necklaces collection!
Selena Gomez Gold Circles Necklace

Selena Gomez looked stunning at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. I loved the necklace she wore, a delicate karma necklace with gold rings. See my version of the gold circles necklace, now part of my handmade jewelry collection.

Gold Circles Necklace
My version of the Selena Gomez gold rings necklace -- available also in sterling silver!

Hard to believe this girl is only 19 years old. I'd love to know where she goes shopping! Can't wait to see where her chic sense of style takes her next.


Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kate Hudson

I must admit; I'm a huge US Weekly fan and gobble up every issue. One of my favorite celebrities often in the spotlight is Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson's style is so Californian -- with a casual, breezy, sunny ease to her look. With a love for structured suits and bold pattern, Kate has a great range in her style, quirky and free-spirited, which seems exactly like her personality! She often wears Stella McCartney fashion and Jennifer Meyer jewelry, who also happen to be her friends. Can you imagine having fabulous fashion designers as friends? Drool!

Some of my favorite Kate Hudson style looks:

Kate sports big shades, fringe, and a love for clothes with ease at the airport and at the beach.

Red carpet style often includes a sharp suit (with a pop of color) or a magnificent gown, often with a bold pattern!

Kate Husdson wears fab chandelier earrings and a super cool Jennifer Meyer 18k gold nameplate necklace (which costs hundreds of dollars).

Check out my Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li Creations version of a nameplate necklace featuring hand-stamped letters and your choice of sterling silver or 14k gold-filled. This handmade nameplate necklace is made with care and is personalized with your choice of letters or numbers by me!
Personalized necklaces make great gifts for moms or friends. What is a better mother's necklace than one featuring the name or initials of their children or family? Check out my entire collection of Personalized Necklaces at my shop.

Kate also sports chandelier earrings -- I have some chandelier earrings of my own design, be sure to check them out here! Pictured below, my Gemstone Scroll Earrings.

Who are some of your style inspirations?