Peggy Li Creations 3D Printed Jewelry

I love technology and of course fashion, so I try and keep my eye out for new metals, materials and techniques. One of the most exciting recent breakthroughs is affordable 3D printing. These machines take 3D computer rendered models and will print them in a variety of materials, from plastic to metals!

For jewelry makers, this technology means that detailed models you create on the computer can be easily translated into jewelry waxes. Intricate designs that would be difficult to hand carve with traditional techniques can now be created with the touch of a button!  These waxes are then handled in a traditional way, using lost wax techniques to create a mold and then have the jewelry designs cast from those molds.

For Peggy Li Creations jewelry, of course had to dabble! For my 3D printed jewelry experiments, I created these awesome rings using a basic 3D modeling program at Shapeways. For the program, I designed the rings "flat", as if the ring were cut open and laid flat on a table. It takes a little tweaking since I am not a 3D pro, but it was so fun to use my design brain in a different way. The program then takes that flat shape and turns it into a ring shape for you, where you can easily tweak things like thickness, height, and more, at the touch of a button. Amazing.

Here are some 3D printed jewelry designs I've created for you!

Cigar Band Cutout Ring - on trend, thick banded ring with a twist! Available in sterling silver or 18k gold plated bronze, this piece can be worn as a solid band or turned to reveal the slim sleek and sexy cutout.

Gold Cigar Band Ring
Cage Ring - Strong yet light, I love the look of this "cage" ring. Stack this with other pieces for a totally unique look! 
Gold Cage Ring
Thorn Band Ring - I love a stacking ring with a bit of edge! These slim rings have a bit of an organic feel, they have a twist that make them totally fun to stack with other rings. 

Thorn Stacking Ring
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