New Stacking Rings and Knuckle Rings for your Fingers

I am so excited to learn new techniques as I branch out with more and more handcrafted jewelry work out of my Peggy Li Creations studio. These days, I've been bringing out my soldering torch and have been creating one of my new favorite accessories, simple delicate stacking rings!

Mix and match these rings, the more the better! I love mixing metals, like the warm 14k rose gold filled with sterling silver and 14k gold-filled bands.  I can even oxidize the silver bands so they are a dark black/grey if you wish! The possibilities are exciting. Or, just stick with one thin gold ring for an elegant touch of shimmer. What shapes would you like to see for your stacking rings?

Stacking Rings

What are knuckle rings, do you ask? They are rings that are small enough just to fit between your first and second knuckle. They are generally sizes 3-4 (like a pinky ring) and give you even MORE options for your ring stacks! I am loving the look which is super bohemian with a cool edge. Any shape will work as a first knuckle ring -- don't see the size you need available? Just email me and I'll let you know if I can make it.
stacking rings
Stack your rings in different shapes and sizes!
It's important to know your ring size. has a handy (ha!) ring sizer page that you can print out and use to size any finger.

Do you love stacking rings? What shapes would you like to see added to the ring collection?