Jewelry seen on Stop the Wedding

I love working with Rachel Boston - she's an actress and also a producer, and she always has a point of view about what she likes and wants. It's always fascinating to hear her character breakdowns and inspirations. I've been lucky enough that she's worn my jewelry on her hit TV series Witches of East End as well as on fun Hallmark movies Ice Sculpture Christmas, A Gift of Miracles and A Ring by Spring.

Her latest creation is Stop the Wedding, a fun and romantic Hallmark Movie in time for the June wedding season. Based on a novel by Stephanie Bond, Rachel stars as Anna, who rushes to stop her Aunts' impulsive engagement to dashing TV star Sean Castleberry (played by Alan Thicke). Anna has been laser-focused on her career as a lawyer and is surprised to find that love can happen in an instant - in this case, with Clay (Niall Matter), the son of the man her Aunt is going to marry!

Rachel's Anna starts buttoned up but gradually gives in to embracing a more balanced way of life. What I think I love the most about Anna, however, is that the girl wears flats (like most of us do!).

Here are some Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry picks seen in the movie!

Anna (Rachel Boston) wears Clustered Circle Earrings

Anna (Rachel Boston) wearing my Clustered Circle Earrings and Tiny Feather Necklace in TV movie Stop the Wedding.

If you love classic screwball comedies/romantic comedies, you won't be disappointed with this Hallmark movie.

Thank you Rachel!