Felicity Smoak Earrings Jewelry Arrow Season 3

The best part of having Peggy Li Creations jewelry on Arrow is that I am truly a fan of the show! Arrow, starring Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy, Colton Haynes and Willa Holland is about DC comic hero Oliver Queen. His girl Friday and love interest is tech wiz Felicity Smoak (Rickards), who is not the typical leading lady in that she is geeky, awkward and an integral part of Team Arrow. Felicity wasn't originally a main character on the show, but the writers, after seeing the actors' chemistry in their first scenes together, immediately recognized character gold.

Season 3 of Arrow finds Oliver a true hero of Starling City, but finding new foes in Ray Palmer and the emergence of Ras Al Ghul. Felicity wants to date Oliver, but can Oliver be himself and the Arrow? We'll find out in season 3!

Some of Felicity's jewelry looks so far. She favors big, dangly earrings over studs and charm necklaces that contrast her usually boldly colored dresses and separates. I like to think of Felicity as a bit of my alter ego, if I had stayed with my job in the tech world!

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) on Arrow
Episode "Sara" - Felicity wears Peggy Li Creations Aqua Triangle Earrings and a Leaf Drop Necklace.

Felicity Smoak Jewelry on Arrow
Episode "Corto Maltese" - Felicity wears my Quill Earrings and Blue Drusy Necklace (which she has worn in several episodes!)
Felicity Smoak in the Flash/Arrow crossover
Felicity visits Barry Allen on the first Flash/Arrow crossover episode! She wears her Aqua Triangle Earrings and my Thorny Hearts Necklace (appropriate, since Oliver had just broken her heart the episode before).
I LOVE Felicity in this soft draped blouse and my Gem Cascade Earrings! It's an  great office look that is still super sexy.
Felicity Earrings Pink
Felicity Smoak Earrings in Arrow episode "Draw Back Your Bow" - Gem Cascade Earrings.

Felicity asks Oliver if she can go to dinner with Ray - love how she tugged at her Mother of Pearl Leaf earrings nervously in this scene.
Felicity Smoak Earrings Leaf
Mother of Pearl Leaf earrings, worn by Felicity Smoak on Arrow (actress Emily Bett Rickards).
Look for even more updates in this post as more items are spotted on the show! Which look is your favorite? Are you team Olicity or do you prefer Laurel Lance and Oliver together?


Peggy Li Creations and Boticca

It's been a few months since my web store on website Boticca has shuttered, but I thought I should let my customers know that I loved being a part of the Boticca community! It was/is such an amazing group of artists and I was proud to be among them.

Unfortunately back in May, for reasons not entirely obvious to me, Boticca decided to close my shop on their website. I was very, very, disappointed, as I felt I had a nice, steady following there, and I was always excited to place new designs into the Boticca shop. Boticca had proven to be an amazing opportunity to get my jewelry designs in front of a more international audience and had grown into an important source of income for my work.

I hope anyone who purchased items from me on Boticca is able to find this post or my website, Peggy Li Creations http://www.peggyli.com and will continue to shop with me!