Yoga Jewelry for National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month, a month where Yoga fitness professionals promote the health benefits of Yoga to those who are curious about this ancient art! There are free classes and events given around the country, definitely check out the National Yoga Month website if you are interested in learning more.

Here at Peggy Li Creations, there is a great selection of handmade jewelry featuring your favorite Yoga symbols, such as the Om and Tree of Life. Check out my Yoga/Spiritual Jewelry section for all the options!
Yoga inspired jewelry
Lotus Blossom Earrings (Lotuses are also known as Water Lilies) with green periodot. Available in sterling silver and gold plated silver, with choice of peridot, aquamarine or pink topaz. As a beautiful flower that blooms from muddy waters, the lotus blossom is a symbol of purity.

Lotus Blossom Necklace
Lotus Charm Necklace with green periodot.  Available in sterling silver and gold plated silver. Choose your gemstone with choice of peridot, aquamarine or pink topaz.

Om Charm Necklace
Cutout Om Charm Necklace in sterling silver. A sleek, modern OM shape  is also available in gold plate. OM is a sacred symbol, a sound that is the vibration of the universe, the creation of the universe, all of the universe. A very powerful symbol of unity.
Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
Tree of Life pendant on leather cord. A nice large pendant creates a necklace with an earthy, organic feel. The tree of life symbolizes a connection between heaven and earth and appears in many different religions in some form.
Lotus Petal Earrings
Lotus Petal earrings, very Me & Ro! Available in sterling silver and gold plate. A simple, elegant earring to wear for everyday. 


7 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

I recently saw a magazine blog post about the "7 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own" and thought I would give my own take on this accessorizing topic so near to my heart. Why seven? Who knows?! At Peggy Li Creations, I try and create handcrafted beaded jewelry that is timeless and wearable, so I think I'll have some good jewelry picks for you.

7) Studs - no, not that kind! I'm talking about simple stud or post earrings. Why go traditional ball posts when you could try something more unique, like my Butterfly Post Earrings? Each pair is handmade and unique for you.
6) Statement Earring -- nothing will make you feel more glamorous than a pair of long or chandelier earrings! I have some Indian-inspired chandelier Maharaja earrings with rubies and aquamarine. So very luxurious without a huge price.
5) Bangle Bracelets -- stack them on your wrist for an instant touch of chic. I prefer the thinnest, most delicate bangles in multiples. Try these Thin Hammered Bracelets in a set of three.
4) Initials and Monogram jewelry -- Personal touches make your style your own. I offer many ways to flaunt your initials or the initials of loved ones. My current favorite are these Initial Earrings (and they are stud earrings, as well!). Unusual and personalized for you!
3) Simple Charm Necklaces -- Delicate simple charm or gemstone necklaces can be hard to find! Luckily, I have a big selection for you... tiny charms, many with whimsical and feminine themes. I love this Clustered Circle Necklace, available in both sterling silver and 14k gold-filled. It's a universal shape and easy to layer with other pieces! 

2) Basic Chain Necklaces -- chains can be a powerful addition to your outfit, like a mini suit of armor. Classic and simple, a great chain necklace can dress up an outfit or be a bit of bling for evening. How about this delicate Six Chain Necklace?

1) Pearls -- Pearls, the ultimate classic piece of jewelry! I offer many Pearl Necklaces, but I truly love a great pair of simple pearl earrings, which are always ladylike and in style. Check out my Ted's Pearl Earrings, so simple and elegant. Makes a great gift!
That's the list! What do you think? Please make your must have jewelry suggestions in the comments, let's discuss! I'd also love it if you would pin your favorites to Pinterest, join me on Pinterest here!


Style Inspiration: Emily Morse

Emily Morse jewelry by Peggy Li Creations
Emily Morse in LA.
I love reality TV shows. There, I said it! But I have to admit I was a little skeptical about Bravo's latest dating/advice show, MissAdvised. Featuring dating experts from three different cities, I thought I'd check it out because one of those women was from San Francisco. That woman is Emily Morse, the gal behind San Francisco-based radio talk show Sex With Emily -- and while the Bravo show is a bit bananas, as expected, Emily herself is not only smart and cool, but I immediately noticed her amazing sense of style. She is casual yet put together, mixing contemporary designers with vintage pieces. It's San Francisco, so her go-to outfit is jeans, boots and a nice top and probably a sweater. I love that she isn't afraid to wear that puffy North Face-style jacket in Napa 'cause let's face it, it's Nor Cal chic and always cold around here!

Emily Morse, Amy Laurent, Julia Allison
Amy Laurent, Emily Morse and Julia Allison visit iVillage in NYC.
See Emily as well as Julia Allison and Amy Laurent of Miss Advised on this iVillage video about what to wear on a first date. Emily was gracious enough to let me send her some pieces of Peggy Li Jewelry (from one SF gal to another) and in the video she's wearing my Geo Shape Necklace in triangle. She also wore it on her press tour in New York and sent me an awesome tweet!  I'm so appreciative of her support. You can check Emily and her dating adventures Mondays on Bravo.

Isn't she sweet? Great Tweet from Emily herself, visit her at @SexWithEmily on Twitter.

Be sure to check out Emily on Twitter @SexWithEmily, check out what they were wearing on Season 1 of MissAdvised on the BravoTV site, and get the Geo Shape Necklace in Triangle at my site,!