Jewelry on You're the Worst

FXX show "You're the Worst" stars Aya Cash, Chris Geere, Kether Donohue, Desmin Borges and Janet Varney as a group of friends navigating love and life in Los Angeles. As you can tell by the title, these people aren't necessarily the most stable of individuals! Jimmy (Chris Geere) is a self-professed narcissist while Gretchen (Aya Cash) thinks she can not be tied down by a relationship. Now in season 4, we find the unlikely couple dealing with the fallout of Jimmy walking out on Gretchen immediately after proposing to her (and Gretchen saying YES).

In a show filled with quirky characters, Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry has found a few spots! Guest star Tessa Ferrer wore my Single Stone Necklace in season 2 and funny lady Janet Varney (as Becca) wears my Carved Cross Necklace for several episodes.

Janet Varney You're the Worst Becca
Janet Varney as Becca wearing Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry on You're the Worst - Carved Cross Necklace.

Tessa Ferrer jewelry
Tessa Ferrer (of Grey's Anatomy fame) wears Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry on You're the Worst - Single Stone Necklace.

The costume design on the show reflects California casual - they live in Los Angeles and Gretchen works as a Public Relations manager and Jimmy is a budding novelist. I love how Gretchen often layers pendants and has amazing ringstacks. Are you watching this show? It's definitely not your typical rom-com. Catch up with You're the Worst on their website and be sure to check out all the Peggy Li Creations jewelry seen on TV.


Modern Pearl Jewelry You Can Wear Now

Pearl jewelry is making a resurgence, it is not just a gemstone your Mom or Grandma used to wear! With fashion icons like Veronica (played by actress Camila Mendes) from the hit CW TV show Riverdale to princess Kate Middleton wearing pearls, pearls are popping up everywhere.
Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale wearing her signature pearls.
Making pearls more modern here at Peggy Li Creations means pairing them in simple, minimalist settings or putting them in unexpected situations.  Mix your pearls with denim, wear pearls to work and you can go easily from day to night! I love working with white freshwater pearls, but pearls can come in many amazing natural shades including greys and pinks. Pearls are also readily dyed for even more amazing colors including peacock blues, vibrant pinks, even greens!

I love how TV and film often lead the way in breaking in new fashion combinations, some TV shows I love for mixing pearls in a cool, modern and sophisticated way are Jane the Virgin and Scandal.

gina rodriguez pearl earrings
Lotus Pearl Earrings, seen on Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez.
Simple Pearl Post Earrings, seen on Scandal.

kate middleton pearl earrings
Such a style icon! Kate Middleton wearing beautiful pearl earrings.

New Tiny Circlet Earrings in pearl by Peggy Li Creations.

Half Moon Gemstone Necklace in pearl.
Pearl Fringe Necklace with amazing soft grey freshwater pearls.

Tiny Circlet Gemstone Necklace in pearl.

Asymmetric Pearl necklace - when wearing pearls, why be ordinary?
How have you transformed the way you wear pearls? What are your everyday pearl jewelry go-tos?


Emma Roberts Hoop Earrings

I'm so lucky to work with amazing costume designers who support my small business of handmade jewelry, Peggy Li Creations. Woke up one morning to the amazing surprise that Emma Roberts will be wearing my Delicate Hoop Earrings in an upcoming movie also starring Hayden Christensen called "Little Italy" (thanks for the heads up Emma Robert's Style & Fashion tumblr and costume designer Joanna Syrokomla). From the behind the scenes pictures, the casual laid-back fashion will be a nice change from her Scream Queen days!

The film is a romantic comedy about warring pizza restaurants, the movie has an all-star cast in addition to Emma, including Alyssa Milano, Danny Aiello and special guests like Jane Seymour. I grabbed this picture from Jane Seymour's Instagram.  I mean, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman herself! She looks totally incredible, by the way!

Emma Roberts Little Italy
Delicate Hoop Earrings in 14k gold-filled, seen on Emma Roberts in movie Little Italy.

Emma Roberts is best known perhaps for playing Chanel on Scream Queens and of course for being Julia Roberts' niece. Exciting to see her in a movie that is lighter (and less scary!).

See all the jewelry from Peggy Li Creations seen on TV/film. And if you want to know more about costume designer Joanna, check out her blog. She's an active member of the costume designer community and blogs about her costume design adventures and a little bit about the industry as well.