Peggy Li Creations Jewelry in "Superbad" Opening August 17th

Hey all, I'm getting really psyched for the release of the movie "Superbad", which opens August 17th. By the creators of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up", the movie stars Seth Rogan and... Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry!

So far I know of two pieces that have made it to the silver screen:

My Peace Tag Necklace, worn by Martha MacIsaac who plays "Becca" and my Tiny Charm Necklace (apple).

Visit the "Superbad" official website for clips and trailer!

See you at the movies,

FAQ: How Do I Make a Homemade Jewelry Tumbler?

When you run a small business like Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry, you learn to make the most of your jewelry resources and supplies and pick up any great tips to make your jewelry making life easier and simpler. OK, so here's a great tip I picked up from some wonderful jewelry making instructors. It's easy to make a homemade jewelry tumbler! What are tumblers good for? You can use a tumbler to help remove firescale from your soldered metal pieces, harden homemade headpins/earwires (that you make from dead soft wire), and polish/harden your sterling silver pieces!

Here's what you need:
  • Clean plastic mayo/peanut butter/sturdy plastic jar with screw-top lid. Not too big, because you'll be shaking it with your hands.
  • Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid soap.

Here's what you do with your homemade jewelry tumbler:
  1. Put shot in the jar about 2/3 of the way in. Put a little dishwashing liquid in with the shot and water to cover in the jar. 
  2. Wire your silver pieces together (so they are easier to fish out) and drop them in the jar. 
  3. Shake, shake, shake! Give it a good shake for a few minutes. Remove your pieces, rinse well.
  4. Don't forget to dry your shot thoroughly when done. I like to spread it out across a towel.
Another great alternative is to take some tupperware and use that if you don't have a clean plastic jar. It leaks a little when you shake, so be careful!

Blue Dawn soap and a tupperware-style container as your tumbler. I have 1 lb of shot in there!
That's it! Now, there is some debate as to whether tumbling actually "work hardens" metal, with many folks saying it does not do this. At the very least, a good tumble will clean and polish your pieces, so there is certainly still benefit to finishing your jewelry pieces in a tumbler.
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*UPDATE* - since this post I have since purchased a tumbler for my studio (my arms were getting tired!). I purchased a Lortone Tumbler, 3lb capacity from one of my fave supply stores, Beaducation. There is a handy video on the website as well, so check it out!


The Hardware Store is a Jeweler's Friend

I've just taken a few classes and learned some great new techniques involving manipulating metals. The instructors always have great tips based on their vast experience -- for example, there are plenty of tools you can pick up from the hardware store that can help you finish those dead-soft metal projects!

I just picked up:

14 gauge copper wire
Nail punches
Sanding block (fine grit)
Rough metal file (fine toothed, cheap kind)

And with only a few of my jeweler's tools, created this Poppy Pendant of sterling silver and copper rivets!

The sanding block and file were used to smooth the edges, the nail punches made the circle shapes, and the copper wire was used for the rivets.

Next time, I'll share how to make an inexpensive at-home tumbler!