Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry Designs

I'm so pleased to announce new laser cut acrylic jewelry designs at Peggy Li Creations! Made from patterns I've created myself, these lightweight items are modern, but still have a "handmade" feel.

I can make designs in a variety of colors and materials -- bamboo ply, 100% wool felt, and acrylic.

Hope you enjoy them! Please add your comments here for designs you'd like to see, colors, and materials!


Peggy Li Creations Gift Wish List

Newly added to the Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li Creations website -- the ability to add jewelry items to your Amazon Universal Wishlist! With the click of a button, you can add your favorite PLCs to your gift wishlists on Amazon. Anyone browsing your Amazon wishlist will be able to also see your jewelry picks!

Add away and tell your loved ones!


All the Shades of Grey Website

Are you a Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice fan? Get all the scoop at the All the Shades of Grey website, a fan site maintained with love by Adam and Megan. Get scoops, analysis, pics and news, all gathered into one place!

Here's a little bit from Adam about his labor of love:

"I appreciate the fact that you want to write a blog entry about the site! That would really be awesome. I started the site on May 16, 2006 - the day after the season two finale of Grey's Anatomy - because the season two finale had moved me so much, and I needed something to keep me busy and connected to Grey's over the summer. The longer the summer went on, the more and more I found that I loved running the site and that I didn't want to give it up, so I kept it going. As my love for Grey's Anatomy grew, so did my love for television in general, but Grey's Anatomy (and subsequently Private Practice) has always remained at the core and been my favorite series ever. Myself and my partner, Megan, absolutely love running All the Shades of Grey, not only for ourselves, but for the fans and readers as well. We don't ever plan to stop providing the best news and reviews out there for fans of Shondaland and beyond."

I'd like to thank Adam and Megan for including my handmade jewelry in their Round Up episode summary sections.

So please check out their website! You can also follow the All the Shades of Grey news on Twitter.