Jewelry Seen on Ringer, Hart of Dixie

September and October means the return of Fall TV and the debut of new television shows! I am so excited to say that Peggy Li Creations jewelry is appearing on TV shows again this fall. I love playing "I spy" and spotting my handmade jewelry designs on new shows and old favorites, all worn by beautiful actresses! You can see all of my jewelry on TV on my Press page.

Jewelry seen on new CW hit show "Ringer" which stars Peggy Li Creations favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar (review jewelry seen on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer). Tara Summers wears my Drusy Cuff bracelet. There is somuch fabulous jewelry on Ringer, it is truly amazing to be included! Ringer is set in Manhattan, with Tara Summers playing Gemma, a well-known interior designer and best friend to Siobhan, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I  might be most excited about new CW show "Hart of Dixie", since it stars fashion icon Rachel Bilson. I see Rachel all the time in magazines and she even has her own column in InStyle Magazine! In the last episode, "Gumbo & Glory", My Geo Shape Earrings in triangle were worn by Nadine Velazquez as Didi.

In Hart of Dixie episode "In Havoc & In Heat" we were treated to more backstory between mayor Lavon Hayes and Lemon Breeland, plus a peek at my Oxidized Fringe Earrings as worn by character Didi!

In the latest Hart of Dixie episode, one of the town matrons, played by Esther Scott, gossips in the local beauty parlor (hub for all news in the little town of Bluebell), wearing my Tiger Ebony Floating Chain Earrings.

Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry -- Pink Coral Earrings

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a month where women all over the world are asked to remember their breast health. Early detection and awareness is the best weapon against this horrible disease. I am lucky enough to say that my Mom is a survivor of breast cancer. She had a mastectomy back in 2000 and has been cancer-free ever since. She was diligent about having regular mammograms and her cancer was detected early enough for doctors to take action. So October for me is an important month and I'd like to encourage women, no matter what age, to take control of your health and at least get informed with information!  With Peggy Li Creations jewelry, you also have the chance to help me support breast cancer awareness with a pair of earrings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Pink Coral Earrings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Everyone knows the pink ribbon as the symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness. In honor of this symbol, I am donating 50% of sales of my Pink Coral Earrings during the month of October to the Susan G. Komen foundation, the largest and best-funded breast cancer foundation in the U.S.  With partnerships in over 50 countries and over $2 billion in funds going towards education and cancer research, the Susan G. Komen foundation is a solid foundation that I am proud to support. Read more about the Susan G. Komen foundation on Wikipedia.

The BCA month was in created in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical company now known as AstraZeneca. The history of the month as a fund-raising and awareness opportunity is outlined on the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month page on Wikipedia.

Thank you for helping me support breast cancer awareness with great jewelry for a great cause!

Book Review: The Big Enough Company

As a "solo-preneur" for my handmade jewelry business, Peggy Li Creations, I'm always on the lookout for resources for small business owners. It was through my membership to that I first heard about the book The Big Enough Company. Of course I have a very long reading list that I ultimately never get to. But the premise of the book really intrigued me, as it promised to cover topics I think about often with my business and topics I often speak about with fellow small biz owners.
Written by Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams, small business coaches who founded a small business collective office space called In Good Company, wrote this book from their experiences talking to entrepreneurs. Usually the approach of small business coaches is, "I'll show you how I did it" and "Ways to get more out of your business." This book was refreshing in that it addressed the unique motivations of truly small small business owners -- that we face this ongoing pressure to "do better" and "get bigger", while this may not be at all what the business should do. More importantly, it may not be what you *want* to do. And if nothing else, a small business owner gets into business for themselves so they can call the shots!

I enjoyed thinking about the questions they posed (and I asked the authors to create a printable worksheet to follow the Q&A that permeates each chapter) and it was a very quick read. It was also insightful to read anecdotes from other entrepreneurs (and in my case, business owners other than jewelry designers was refreshing). In addition to the real-life cases, Adelaide and Amy also demonstrated their examples with fictional characters to give clear examples of the concepts they proposed.

I highly recommend this book to small business owners, especially if you've been toiling in your business for a few years and find yourself a little lost in it. If you feel like the business is running you and you're not running the business, give this book a try. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book, if you've already read it! Please leave a comment!

Buy a copy in print or in digital format here at Amazon: The Big Enough Company.

Follow In Good Company on Twitter: @ingoodcmpny

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