Jewelry Seen on Ringer, Hart of Dixie

September and October means the return of Fall TV and the debut of new television shows! I am so excited to say that Peggy Li Creations jewelry is appearing on TV shows again this fall. I love playing "I spy" and spotting my handmade jewelry designs on new shows and old favorites, all worn by beautiful actresses! You can see all of my jewelry on TV on my Press page.

Jewelry seen on new CW hit show "Ringer" which stars Peggy Li Creations favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar (review jewelry seen on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer). Tara Summers wears my Drusy Cuff bracelet. There is somuch fabulous jewelry on Ringer, it is truly amazing to be included! Ringer is set in Manhattan, with Tara Summers playing Gemma, a well-known interior designer and best friend to Siobhan, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I  might be most excited about new CW show "Hart of Dixie", since it stars fashion icon Rachel Bilson. I see Rachel all the time in magazines and she even has her own column in InStyle Magazine! In the last episode, "Gumbo & Glory", My Geo Shape Earrings in triangle were worn by Nadine Velazquez as Didi.

In Hart of Dixie episode "In Havoc & In Heat" we were treated to more backstory between mayor Lavon Hayes and Lemon Breeland, plus a peek at my Oxidized Fringe Earrings as worn by character Didi!

In the latest Hart of Dixie episode, one of the town matrons, played by Esther Scott, gossips in the local beauty parlor (hub for all news in the little town of Bluebell), wearing my Tiger Ebony Floating Chain Earrings.


imprint by eileen said...

your designs are beautiful--i particularly love the oxidized fringe... gorgeous. congratulations on having so many designs worn!