More Lucky Magazine?

I'm excited to report I have sent in some exciting samples from Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry into Lucky Magazine for their November Jewelry guide! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for another opportunity with them. Also brewing -- possible movie placement. Whee!

In other press news, I'm trying to spend some time over at IndieFinds, a great group of small business owners who are pooling resources to help promote their members' businesses. It's an interesting concept and so far they've had great results!

Peggy Li Creations Interview at Omiru

Read my profile at fashion fabulous website Omiru. I talk about Peggy Li Creations and my jewelry design inspiration.

What I learned at San Jose...

The SEO conference in San Jose was, as conferences go, a great experience! Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry was the topic of an interview for The Chris Pirillo Show, I attended as many sessions as I could, and, of course, my site was pimped!

As a result, you may notice some changes to, including:

1) New Add to Cart button (changed from "Shopping Bag")
2) New Add to Cart purchase button (changed from "Order")
3) New Add to Cart purchase button BIGGER
4) Alt-tags on the images on the homepage
5) HTML text (keywords and business location) added to the homepage.

Other suggestions include adding more keyword rich text to my pages, getting a 1-800 number and displaying it prominently, and moving this blog to my site domain. I met the author of the book "Starting a Yahoo! Business for Dummies" and purchased his book, which not only has Yahoo! store site building tips, but tons of internet marketing tips as well. Thanks Rob!

See me in San Jose at the SEO Conference!

Hey everyone, I'll be attending the 2006 Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose this week! This is one of the largest gatherings of Search Engine strategy experts, with major players Yahoo! and Google holding discussion panels and networking mixers. Search gurus like Danny Sullivan are in attendance, plus tons of educational seminars take place from August 7-10th.

Peggy Li Creations will be featured on Wednesday as part of the "Pimp My Site!" panel at 4:45PM. Industry experts will discuss the ways can be improved for the search market. I am SO excited to hear their recommendations and apply it to my business. One of the experts is Jennifer Laycock, Editor-in-Chief of the Search Engine Guide, providing daily tips on search engine strategy and marketing. There are great tips on her site, check it out!

If you're at the conference, stop by my session and say Hi!