Lucy Liu Jewelry on Elementary

So excited to report that my handmade jewelry, Peggy Li Creations are now appearing on season one of CBS hit TV show "Elementary"! Starring Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller, this TV show is a modern retelling of the classic Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson detective pairing. I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (read all the books), so I was excited to check out their take. With Lucy Liu playing Dr. Joan Watson, and the setting moved to New York City, the dynamic has once again become fresh and new.

Lucy Liu is not only a groundbreaking actress, she is also a style maven. She polarizes with her outfits, often appearing on the best *and* worst dressed lists! I love Lucy for her originality and independence.

I was so thrilled to hear that Lucy herself would be selecting items from my jewelry line. I sent a great pile of items and they have begun appearing on the show! See all the items on my Elementary Season 1 Jewelry page.

Jewelry seen on Elementary
Sent to the set of Elementary starring Lucy Liu!
 In episode "Details", Watson visits her therapist wearing my Weather the Storm necklace. Lucy looks amazing wearing my Cloud and Lightning Bolt Necklace.  The cloud necklace Lucy wears is the 16" version with silver cloud and 14k gold-filled chain. The cloud necklace is lariat style and can be worn a few different ways.
Cloud Necklace
Lucy Liu as Watson wears my Cloud Necklace.
In episode "The Red Team", Lucy wears my Tiny Bird Earrings in sterling silver and gold-plated birds. I love the way these earrings pop against her dark hair.

Bird Earrings
Lucy wears my Tiny Bird Earrings
Dr. Watson is fashion-forward, with quirky jewelry choices and great basics like simple chains and simple gold earrings. Here, Lucy as Joan Watson wears my Simple Disc Earrings in gold plated silver.
Gold disc earrings
Simple Gold Disc earrings worn by Lucy Liu on Elementary
I've also sent the Elementary team a series of simple gold rings, including my Chevron Ring, Triangle Shape Ring and Gold Initial Ring (with no initial stamped!).  Looking forward to seeing more jewelry used on the show -- I feel like I'm a detective myself when I watch the show to spot them!


Add a Birthstone Charm to Any Necklace

Here at Peggy Li Creations jewelry, I love creating custom personalized necklaces for my customers. Now you may personalize any necklace with your choice to add a birthstone charm crystal to any necklace! Each birthstone is a true Swarovski crystal, uin a color chosen to represent the corresponding birthstone. You can choose to have your birthstone charm on sterling silver or 14k gold-filled (don't be afraid to mix-and-match your metals).
Birthstone Crystal Colors

There are two easy ways you can order your birthstone crystal charm:

1) You already own a Peggy Li Creations initial necklace. Nearly all styles of Peggy Li Creations initial necklaces can have a birthstone charm added.

  • Go to the Add a Birthstone Charm page and add the birthstone charms you'd like to have into your shopping cart and purchase.
  • Your birthstone charms will arrive already wired and ready to slip on to your existing chain.
  • Open your necklace chain by slipping off the ring on the end of the chain opposite the clasp. It is a "split ring", which is just like a mini keyring.
  • Add your charms in any order you like and replace your split ring on the end. DONE

personalized initial necklace
Lowercase Typewriter initial necklace with birthstone crystal.
2) You're ordering a Peggy Li Creations necklace and would like to add the additional personalized touch of some birthstone charms.
  • Go to the Add a Birthstone Charm page and select and place into your chart along with the necklaces you're ordering.
  • In the order form during checkout, please leave instructions for me as to which charms go with which necklace in the "comments" section.
  • With multiple charm additions, I will select the order and configuration of the charms unless you leave me specific instructions in the order form.
california state necklace
California Girl Necklace customized with birthstone crystals!
Don't limit your imagination to adding birthstone crystal charms to just the personalized necklaces. A birthstone charm would go great with any other necklace on the site, especially a charm necklace like the Tiny Star necklace or my California Girl Necklace!