FAQ: What's in a name? Naming your jewelry.

Is it important how you name your jewelry pieces? Yes, yes it is! A good name is part of the overall branding experience and you should follow similar rules. That is, know your target market and name your pieces with the same flair as you would treat any of your other branding materials.

Creative vs. Actual Names
I used to give all of my handmade jewelry pieces "creative" names. And we've all seen jewelry lines where every piece is named after a persons' name, like the "Julia" or the "Rebecca". While there is nothing wrong with creativity, or by naming pieces after friends/family/famous people, I now prefer to do a mix of creative that evokes a feeling or image (that your customer would relate to) OR a direct name, which is beneficial for SEO reasons.

Creative Names:
A creative or evocative name helps the customer imagine the mood/situation they'd wear the piece for. For that reason, I try and stick with positive names (remember, do what works for your branding) that someone would feel good knowing they are wearing. For example, the Nested Jewel Necklace. To me, that name feels warm, comfortable, yet luxe, and also can describes the actual "nested" design.

Some of my most popular designs have tongue-in-cheek names, for example:

Weather the Storm! Necklace

Tuxedo Crystal Earrings

Fly Free Necklace

Clever names must make sense with the design, so it becomes memorable and creates an image in the mind. Otherwise, it can become silly.

Actual Names:

The Fly Free Necklace is a good example of an actual/creative name. The name creates an image, but is also descriptive of what the item actually is. Same goes for the next piece, the Bird on a Branch Necklace. An "actual" name can be useful if you are using keywords -- in the above example "bird necklace" is a search term. "Pearl Necklace" is pretty boring, but people are probably searching for "Pearl Necklace" when they shop. How about, "Gunmetal Pearl Fringe Necklace"?

So remember to keep in mind when naming your jewelry creations:

1) Spelling counts!
2) Keep it short (if you can)
3) Think SEO
4) Evoke a feeling
5) Be descriptive
6) Think of your brand/image

Hope that was useful! You can read more about naming jewelry in this article by BeadingDaily.com -- How to Name Your Jewelry Projects

The Birds! Charms, Toggles and More...

I've noticed recently that I LOVE all things avian -- I have bird charms in many styles, shapes and finishes. I even have some bird-themed clasps! So, in honor of this feathered madness, I've created a new Necklaces category of "Bird Necklaces"!

Check out the latest Bird Necklaces, including the fabulous Rumi Bird Pendant (a poem is on the back) from Green Girl Studios.

Need Bird themed earrings? I have those, too!

Bird on a Branch Earrings


UPDATE -- Peggy Li Creations Holiday Jewelry Events

RAG Co-op event CANCELLED Due to rain! But there's still time to order online! Use coupon code "rainyday" to get 20% off* this Saturday and Sunday Dec. 12-13th at http://www.peggyli.com! Place your orders before Dec. 14th to ensure delivery in time for xmas!

* Limit one coupon per customer. Expires 12/13/09. Not valid for orders placed before 12/12/09.

I have three events this week where you can meet me and see my handmade jewelry in person! I always have unique, one-of-a-kind pieces plus great discounts on your Peggy Li Creations favorites. Want to see something specific? Please email me in advance and I'll do my best to bring it.

Appel and Frank is this Thursday, Dec. 10th from 5-10 pm. If you RSVP online by Wednesday, you'll get in FREE.

The Regency Center: The Sutter Room
1270 Sutter Street at Van Ness
San Francisco, CA

RAG Co-Op Sidewalk sale this Saturday and Sunday Dec 12-13, 12-4 pm (weather permitting). I'll be in Hayes Valley outside the RAG Co-op with my jewelry! Come on by.

541 Octavia St.
San Francisco, CA

For more details on the location and times for these events, please visit my Events page.

Happy Holidays!