FAQ: How Did You Get Your Press?

Revised and reposted from 2009(!)

I've had Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li Creations for over 14 years now and there are questions that I am often asked about my business. I'll try and cover one of those questions here on the blog!

By far the most popular question is, "How did you get your Peggy Li Creations press?" followed by "Did you do it yourself?" "How do I get celebrities to wear my jewelry?" and "How do I get my jewelry in magazines?" All of these questions are related. The general answer is, you do it by being persistent and doing your homework (emphasis on WORK)! And yes, I got all my press myself.

1. Do your homework. Target TV and press that fits with your design style. When you focus your efforts you will get better results than trying to chase everything and everyone down. Folks at magazines and on TV shows are busy and inundated with requests. They will only look at things that will work for them - be sure you're a good fit with their style and vibe. This means reading the magazines and watching the shows you're targeting. You can get most magazines at the library - I used to sit for hours at the local bookstore magazine rack and took notes! All these folks have social media accounts now, too -- just use a little Google sleuthing to find them and get to know them.
2. Create a professional-looking press kit. Approach this as you would applying for a job. You create a cover letter, addressed to a *person* (find this person on the masthead of the magazine or the credits of a TV show). Generally you want the Accessories Editor or the Costume Designer. Add a few pics of your jewelry, a bio page and your contact information and those are the basics! I don't recommend sending samples unless they are requested.
3. Tell a story. Do this by sharing a little bit about yourself on your bio page. What is your design inspiration? Give them a quick one or two lines about your design philosophy eg "I make everything from recycled materials and my goal is to help the environment".
4. Be timely. Remember that TV shows and magazines are working about 3 months in advance of airing or print. Newspapers (don't forget local publications!) have a shorter lead time. Don't send a pitch talking about holiday gift guides in November! They have set their issues months before.
5. Be patient. Jewelry is very competitive. Take the time to evolve your business image and learn to edit your descriptions (and your designs!). Learn about the industry and discover your niche. Don't worry if you aren't in the black yet -- it takes time to grow a healthy business. Keep your goals realistic while still having the "stretch" goals of world domination ;-).
6. Be professional. Respond in a timely manner, keep the casual chatter to a minimum, and remember -- relationships are everything. We are human and sometimes we don't respond to an email or there is an online miscommunication, but it is a small world out there. If you tell a magazine you will send samples by Thursday, they better get there Thursday! It's not personal; it's business.
7. Don't forget online press. Online press is great exposure not only because it is often "free", but because links and online mentions will benefit the SEO for your website! Look for product review sites, shopping blogs, etc.
8. Generate your own press. Don't forget to send timely sales news to your email list, Facebook Fan page, and Twitter followers! Write about your business on your blog. Taking advantage of social media will only benefit you.

There are other great resources out there on this topic:

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Guest Post - Pantone Fall 2015 color report and jewelry (of course)!

Today I have an awesome guest blog post from Debra Haas, long time jewelry lover. I asked her to talk about Fall colors and jewelry and here she is! Thank you, Debra! You can also follow her on Twitter @earringmaven.


I’m a longtime fan of Peggy Li’s jewelry – and I’ve written about her on my own blog, Facets of Myself, so I when she asked if I’d like to write a post for her blog, I jumped at the chance.  With new fashions beginning to appear in magazines and store windows, I thought the Fall 2015 Pantone color report would be a good place to start.

If you live on the east coast and someone says “fall colors” – you think of trees.  If you are a jewelry blogger, fall colors are the ones that Pantone (the color company) has identified as the trends for the coming cooler weather.
Image from SecondCity Style -

This fall, Pantone’s color palette includes a lot of blue undertones, which is great for someone like me with dark hair and fair skin.  It also reminds me of the Southwestern colors that were popular in the 1980s - but without being quite so washed out.

If you can’t afford to update your wardrobe with a lot of new items, or if like me you have a closet full of basic pieces, accessories are a great way to freshen up your look and add color and interest to your outfits.

I’m a khakis and cardigans kind of gal – and sometimes I just can’t quite see myself wearing the trend of moment.  Feathers, for example, are huge this fall – but I’m not really the feathery sweater type.  However, I’m loving Peggy’s adaptation of this trend in her new feather jewelry – part of a group of Southwestern inspired pieces she’s recently added to her store (I’ve had my eye on these stamped earrings for a while).

Sunburst Stamped Earrings
Jewelry is also a great – and versatile – way to add color to your basics.  Two of Peggy’s necklaces really capture this year’s color palette.  They both have the blues, greens and orchid colors shown above, with a warm gold chain – they incorporate all the colors into a single piece.

Mosaic Opal Necklace from Peggy Li Creations
For a more traditional look, I really like the Mosaic Opal necklace.   You can customize it by choosing your length (one of the great things about Peggy’s jewelry is you can customize many of her pieces with the length of the chain, or your choice of metal) – and it would look great with either a casual outfit – like a crisp white shirt and dark jeans, or with your favorite LBD for cocktails or a holiday party.

Galactic Blue Arrowhead Necklace
If you want something a little edgier, I love her Galactic Blue Arrowhead necklace.  Like the opal, it contains all the great fall colors, but it is a little more “out there” – and incorporates a bit of the Southwestern theme as well.

If a statement necklace is too much of a commitment, or you are drawn to the warmer colors in this fall’s palette, consider a pair (or two) of Peggy’s great multi-stone earrings.  Peggy uses a wonderful variety of semiprecious stones in her jewelry.  

These tourmaline stack earrings combine wonderful colors in a fun, casual dangle style.  

Mink and Garnet Earrings

Rainbow Crystal Earrings

The Mink and Garnet earrings, a mix of tourmalines above a gorgeous garnet briolette are classic, go with everything drops…and if you are going for drama, or you can’t decide which color – the long (2 ½ inches) rainbow crystal dangles are your earrings!

No matter what you are looking for – you are sure to find it in Peggy’s wonderful, easy to navigate online store.  Not only will you find a wide array of styles and prices, you can choose jewelry worn on popular television shows – including some of my favorites – Elementary, Castle and the Blacklist.

I like to say that every piece of jewelry tells a story – if you want to know more about mine, feel free to hop over to my blog.  In the meantime, I hope you will buy, wear and enjoy Peggy’s jewelry to tell your story.