Peggy Li Creations Jewelry in "Superbad" Opening August 17th

Hey all, I'm getting really psyched for the release of the movie "Superbad", which opens August 17th. By the creators of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up", the movie stars Seth Rogan and... Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry!

So far I know of two pieces that have made it to the silver screen:

My Peace Tag Necklace, worn by Martha MacIsaac who plays "Becca" and my Tiny Charm Necklace (apple).

Visit the "Superbad" official website for clips and trailer!

See you at the movies,


Anonymous said...

Hi there, just wondering, what do think led to your creations being worn by famous people- was it specific PR activities or your website? Curious because I am doing a new marketing effort and wonder how you get this kind of amazing exposure.
Kudos to you and beautiful pieces!!

plcpeggy said...

Hi Lisa,

dig into my archives, there are many posts about the topic of generating PR and I share what has worked for me.

good luck!