Flashback: "Superbad"! Peggy Li Creations jewelry worn by Emma Stone, Martha MacIsaac

"Superbad" is one of those movies that has become a teen classic, taking raunch and geeky insecurities and humor to a whole new level. We will never forget the breakout performances from Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and oh yeah, that guy who played McLovin'. It also marked a big breakout debut for one sparkling Emma Stone, who plays dorkably loveable Jules. I was so excited to hear that my jewelry designs, Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry made it into the film! And now you can see them anytime on DVD.

See Martha MacIsaac as Becca wearing my Peace Tag necklace:

As well as my Champagne Bubble necklace worn by Emma Stone!  I'm sure we'll be seeing even more amazing movies from Emma Stone, she currently is in "Crazy Stupid Love" and "The Help" and will soon play Gwen Stacy in the Spiderman reboot!

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