Chevron Necklace Inspiration; Navajo Blankets, Jewelry Breastplates

I'm loving the Southwest trend happening in fashion right now. It seemed to start with the more exotic tribal/Ikat and now is moving closer to home, with definite Native American influences.

I took inspiration from this beautiful Navajo blanket, circa 1880. I love the zig zag shape, the simple forms, and repeating pattern that emphasizes the overall motif.

I've created my own chevron zig zag with hammered metal forms. Stacked together, they make a neat armor-like pattern. Here, see the Large Chevron Necklace and Small Chevron Necklace, worn together.

Check out my flowing Chevron Earrings! These Chevron Earrings are in a chandelier earring shape, but are still light and airy.

This fabulous image highlights a Native American wearing a bone breastplate ornament. With my hammered links, you get the same rough-hewn feeling, plus the sense of some sort of ancient armor, but for modern, fashion times!

Looking for something more minimal? I have a new Single Chevron Necklace in three different sizes! Mix and match your metals for even more contrast and detail.

Do you have fashion inspirations? Please share in the comments below!