Jewelry on Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is an ensemble show starring Edie Falco, but who it really stars is an ensemble of amazing women including Emmy-winner Merritt Wever as Zoey Barkow, Betty Gilpin as Dr. Carrie Roman, and Anna Deavere Smith as Gloria Akalitus. It's always fascinating to find a show that showcases the friendship between women and why are they always shows around hospitals?

Anyhow, I was thrilled to send some jewelry pieces in to the show for their seventh and final season. Here are the jewelry pieces that I've spotted on the show so far!

Carrie Roman necklace
Carrie Roman is befriending Zoey - no good can come of this. Here, she's wearing my Tiny Pearls Necklace.

Zoey Barkow earrings
Sweet Zoey wears my simple Tiny Butterfly Earrings in sterling silver. They match her sunny personality to a T!

Carrie Roman ruby necklace nurse jackie
Carrie Roman wears my Compass Point Necklace in ruby. This necklace was also seen on The Vampire Diaries!
Are you a Nurse Jackie fan? Who is your favorite character on the show?  See these jewelry pieces and other jewelry seen on TV on my website.