8 Easy Breezy (and pretty) Ways to Organize your Jewelry

Here at Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry, I have trays and trays of jewelry in my workspace. But storing them for your own use and organization is a different challenge! It's inevitable for your jewelry to become a little disheveled at times, and while classic jewelry boxes do the trick, it's nice to explore other options for organization. Here are some unconventional (yet fabulously adorable) ways to organize your collection of accessories.

#1 Hit the hardware store

Cabinet hardware acts as a marvelous way to display and organize jewelry. Classic thin drawer pulls of various shapes and sizes easily hang earrings and complimentary knobs act as a pretty home for necklaces. Don’t be afraid to flip a handle upside down to store bracelets and rings…

#2 Channel your inner seamstress

We've all hopped on the sewing/knitting bandwagon at some point, so chances are you could have a thread rack lying around somewhere. This simple wooden storage solution makes for a natural place to display your favorite accessories. Pick up one on the cheap at your local big box store or upgrade to a "fancier"version that reflects your own personal style.

Image found on OneGood Thing By Jillee

#3 Visit consignment shops

Old picture frames are a common item donated to home décor consignment shops. Discard the glass and repurpose the wood insert by lining with satin. Now, lay the picture frame flat, gently place your necklaces, vintage brooches, and other accessories on the fabric. Voilà!

Image found on Sadto Happy Project

#4 Don't discount some "heavy" metal

Who knew the hardware store could be so helpful with organizing your jewelry? Decorativesheet metal is a lightweight element that can be easily framed (remember those consignment shop frames from #3?) and displayed for jewelry storage. The convenience of being able to customize the size by way of metal clippers gives way to a beautiful wall gallery of your favorite accessories.

Image found on Sortrature

#5 String up a chain

Earrings inevitably get lost in that pretty jewelry box, so why not simply hang up a delicate chain to display your chandelier earrings? If you are drawn to weekend DIY projects, creating a longcross knot parachod lanyard will be right up your alley…

Image found on Cleverly Inspired

#6 Hire an artisan

Oh my, ETSY! This wall mounted jewelry organizer features a bracelet bar, necklace holder, cute hooks, and a mesh sheeting for earring placement. A custom, made to order piece, you may choose from 19 different color stains to compliment your bedroom décor.

Image found on Etsy

#7 Go au naturale, kind of…

The odds are slim that you will find deer antlers lying about (unless you are an avid hiker) but you can purchase a gold fauxtaxidermy wall hanging to organize your favorite necklaces. A creative display without hurting little Bambi.

Image found on WhiteFaux Taxidermy

#8 Create your own display/boutique

If rings are your obsession, then searching for a unique way to display your finger bling goes way beyond the traditional velvet insert. Create your own display by stacking rings (and cuffs!) on these woodencandlestick-esque ring holders.

Image found on TheeLetter Q Handmade

How do you organize your accessories?