Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts under $50 from Peggy Li Creations

Every year Mother's Day hits me at the last minute and I *hate* that I don't give myself enough time to really think about a great gift for Mom. So I hope this list gives you a little inspiration. Handmade jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift that lasts longer than chocolates or flowers!

I have tons of designs over at, so here are a few of my favorite gift items that start under $50!

Cursive Initial Necklace, $44
Handmade initials on delicate chain.
Cursive Initial Pendant Necklace
Twisted Knot Ring, $32
Handmade wire knot ring is a token of love!
knot ring
Eternity Knot Bracelet, $47
A never-ending knot makes a thoughtful gift for Mom that she can wear everyday.
eternity knot bracelet
Get hand stamped initials for the whole family.
stamped initial charm necklace
Mother Daughter Necklace, $49
Droplets represent you and your Mom.
mother daughter family necklace
Some beautiful, simple choices for Mother's Day! My Mom is my artistic inspiration. She loves fashion and to paint. She always encouraged me to express myself and that is why I am an artist today. Thanks Mom!  Mother's Day is May 17th.


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