Jewelry on How To Get Away With Murder season 3

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather in San Francisco turns warm and mild, with crispness in the air and great holidays just around the corner. Also, of course, Fall means TV returns to our screens!

So thrilled to now include "How to Get Away With Murder" to my As Seen On jewelry roster! Starring Viola Davis, Karla Souza, Aja Naomi King and Liza Weil, this Shonda Rhimes creation features Viola Davis as brilliant law professor Annalise Keating. Viola Davis (who has already worn my jewelry, in her indie film Lila and Eve, with co-star Jennifer Lopez) won an Emmy for her performance on this show.

Starting with the Season 3 premiere, "We're Good People Now", here are some of the Peggy Li Creations jewelry pieces spotted on the show!

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in a  Peggy Li Creations jewelry necklace
Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in my Fern Mother of Pearl Necklace on How to Get Away with Murder.
Aja Naomi King as Michaela wearing Peggy Li Creations earrings
Aja Naomi King as Michaela wearing my Black Spinel Threader Earrings. 

Michaela wearing my Woven Gems Necklace in grey pearls on How To Get Away With Murder.
 Do you watch this show? Hope you love!

Peggy Li

Jewelry on Prison Break - Sara

Cult classic Prison Break returns to TV and stars Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies are reprising their roles!

I was so excited to hear that Ms. Callies needed a second Mini Tusk Necklace (in Onyx) because she wanted to use "her favorite" necklace on her character Dr. Sara Tancredi.

See the preview picture below!

I loved Sarah in The Walking Dead and can't wait to see her reprise her role as Sara in Prison Break!

Shop the  Mini Tusk Necklace here.


Jessika Van - Seoul Searching

It's been awesome watching the journey of a little indie movie called Seoul Searching and helping one of its stars, Jessika Van, dress up for the screenings and press tour!

The movie is a quirky coming-of-age story set in Korea and featuring fresh Asian faces. The humor and heart make it a completely winning film and I'm so excited to see it get more and more screen time.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessika at the movie screening in San Francisco (she was kind enough to invite me!) and I was even more thrilled to see her wearing Peggy Li Creations jewelry throughout for her press for the film!

Here are some of the great pics, below:

Jessika Van wearing my Emerald Green Earrings, converted to clipon earrings!

Jessika looking red hot in a PLC horn and geode necklace an my Onyx Point Earrings converted to Clip Ons!
Find out more about Seoul Searching the movie and Jessika and her castmates at the official Seoul Searching website.


Jewelry seen on Stop the Wedding

I love working with Rachel Boston - she's an actress and also a producer, and she always has a point of view about what she likes and wants. It's always fascinating to hear her character breakdowns and inspirations. I've been lucky enough that she's worn my jewelry on her hit TV series Witches of East End as well as on fun Hallmark movies Ice Sculpture Christmas, A Gift of Miracles and A Ring by Spring.

Her latest creation is Stop the Wedding, a fun and romantic Hallmark Movie in time for the June wedding season. Based on a novel by Stephanie Bond, Rachel stars as Anna, who rushes to stop her Aunts' impulsive engagement to dashing TV star Sean Castleberry (played by Alan Thicke). Anna has been laser-focused on her career as a lawyer and is surprised to find that love can happen in an instant - in this case, with Clay (Niall Matter), the son of the man her Aunt is going to marry!

Rachel's Anna starts buttoned up but gradually gives in to embracing a more balanced way of life. What I think I love the most about Anna, however, is that the girl wears flats (like most of us do!).

Here are some Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry picks seen in the movie!

Anna (Rachel Boston) wears Clustered Circle Earrings

Anna (Rachel Boston) wearing my Clustered Circle Earrings and Tiny Feather Necklace in TV movie Stop the Wedding.

If you love classic screwball comedies/romantic comedies, you won't be disappointed with this Hallmark movie.

Thank you Rachel!