Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Jewelry on Witches of East End Season 2

rachel boston witches of east end
Season 2 of Witches of East End promised to be "darker" - here, Ingrid tells Dash he's a warlock, wearing my Small Tree of Life Necklace.
So glad that Witches of East End was renewed for a second season on Lifetime TV! In what promises to be a sexier, darker season, I was so pleased to send actress Rachel Boston a new iconic necklace for her character Ingrid Beauchamp.

Ingrid in season 2 is coming into her witch powers as well as dealing with what has come through the portal from Asgard. Not to mention life issues like trying to land a job at the East End library!  Last season, she wore my Dove Necklace (see all the other earrings and necklaces worn on Witches of East End Season 1 here)

Ingrid bird necklace
Ingrid Beauchamp (Rachel Boston) in a Peggy Li Creations Dove Necklace.
Now that Ingrid is more comfortable with her family history and is exploring her supernatural powers, she will now be wearing a small Tree of Life necklace throughout the season. Rachel requested that a small pearl be added to the chain, which I put in the back. Love how the charm represents how grounded Ingrid is by her family and magic!

ingrid gold pendant necklace
Ingrid and her Tree of Life Necklace.

Also, now that Aunt Wendy (Madchen Amick) is on her last life, her green amulet necklace is now red! I've created a necklace inspired by Aunt Wendy and her new look with my Red Witchy Necklace -

I can't wait to see what the Beauchamps experience this season. Julia Ormond and Jenna Dewan Tatum round out the cast of lovely ladies on the show.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jewelry seen on Andi Dorfman the Bachelorette

Another season of The Bachelorette kicked off with assistant district attorney Andi Dorfman looking for love on the hit reality TV show. I like Andi, I think she is no-nonsense and sincerely looking for someone to love. The Bachelorette guarantees a few things - drama, dramatic rose ceremonies, catch phrases (Andi's is "Sttttop!"), fabulous overseas locations, abs, tears and endless wardrobe changes! Andi has got style close to my own, so I was thrilled to discover she has chosen a few pieces from my Peggy Li Creations jewelry collection to wear on the show.

Andi wears my Pyrite Wrap Ring on a few date nights:
andi dorfman ring

Andi has a hiking day wearing my Feather Charm Necklace in gold overlay:

I absolutely loved Andi's basketball date outfit featuring Ash wedges, a Iro leather jacket and my Large Berber Pendant in gold plate:

Will Andi find love, maybe with Josh, or Nick? Can't wait to find out!  See all of the jewelry seen on The Bachelorette and other Peggy Li jewelry seen on TV.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jewelry Seen on Scandal

The third season of Scandal has wrapped! All the crazy adventures of Olivia Pope and company have certainly been wild (murder! illegitimate children! mothers back from the dead!) but one thing is for sure -- the style on the show thanks to costume designer Lyn Paolo has never been better. Scandal stars lovely actresses Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield and Katie Lowes.  I've been so lucky to have had some of my handmade Peggy Li Creations jewelry seen on the show. Here are the spots!

Katie Lowes plays Quinn Perkins and here wears my Teds Earrings in gold plate (does she look like a secretary to you?)
Quinn Earrings Scandal

Guest star Sally Pressman wears my Teardrop Om Necklace and my Milk Quartz Necklace while trying to out-scheme Olivia Pope and Associates.

scandal necklace

Quinn also wore my Bronze Lion Pendant. She was just a budding assassin at this point of the show. The lion-ess about to emerge!
quinn necklace scandal

My Ancient Coin necklace in Lion worn by Quinn (Katie Lowes).

Can't wait for the new season of Scandal! Creator Shonda Rhimes is on a roll (next up - How to Get Away With Murder starring Viola Davis!). Such an honor to be a part of Scandal and work with such talent.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother's Day Gifts under $50 from Peggy Li Creations

Every year Mother's Day hits me at the last minute and I *hate* that I don't give myself enough time to really think about a great gift for Mom. So I hope this list gives you a little inspiration. Handmade jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift that lasts longer than chocolates or flowers!

I have tons of designs over at peggyli.com, so here are a few of my favorite gift items that start under $50!

Cursive Initial Necklace, $44
Handmade initials on delicate chain.
Cursive Initial Pendant Necklace
Twisted Knot Ring, $32
Handmade wire knot ring is a token of love!
knot ring
Lower Case Initial Necklace, $45
Get hand stamped initials for the whole family.
stamped initial charm necklace
Mother Daughter Necklace, $49
Droplets represent you and your Mom.
mother daughter family necklace

Some beautiful, simple choices for Mother's Day! My Mom is my artistic inspiration. She loves fashion and to paint. She always encouraged me to express myself and that is why I am an artist today. Thanks Mom!  Mother's Day is May 11th.


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Jewelry on Dallas

Late-night drama Dallas returned to TV on cable channel TNT bigger, bolder, and brassier than ever. Filled with past cast favorites like Sue Ellen and Bobby, the rebooted show also introduced a next generation of Ewings to love and scheme over Southfork Ranch.

Peggy Li Creations jewelry on Dallas includes these two pieces, perfect for their characters! My Arrowhead Necklace is worn by Heather (Annalynne McCord), headstrong ranch hand and single mom who gets involved with "good" son Christopher.

annalynne mccord dallas heather
arrowhead necklace

pave diamond necklace
Costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin also has used my Diamond Pave Necklace (on regular sterling silver chain) for the character of Elena (Jordana Brewster), a woman bent on revenge against the Ewings.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jewelry on American Idol

I've been watching American Idol for countless seasons, so I was thrilled to have my work accepted by the stylist for the show and boom! So excited to see contestants Jessica Meuse, Jena Irene and Majesty Rose were wearing Peggy Li Creations jewelry on American Idol!

Edgy Jessica sang "Pumped Up Kicks" by the Fray and wore my Scarab Pendant Necklace in bronze:
Jessica Meuse American Idol fashion
Jessica Meuse wears a Scarab Pendant necklace by Peggy Li.
Adorable Majesty sang "Wake Me Up" by Avicii and wore an assortment of Thin Gold Rings and my Delicate D rings:
Majesty Rose American Idol fashion
Majesty Rose wears rings by Peggy Li Creations.
Jessica Meuse, from Slapout, Alabama, wore PLC again for a results show. The Black Drusy Necklace is limited to only a few pieces available (love the black and gold combo).

jessica meuse top 9 idol
Jessica Meuse makes it into the top 9! Congrats!
Powerhouse singer Jena Irene wore a Peggy Li Creations Onyx Point Necklace as well.
jena irene american idol jewelry
Jena Irene rocks a Peggy Li Creations necklace on American Idol.
jess meuse on american idol
Happy to gift Jessica this Amethyst Necklace to commemorate her performance of her own single, "Blue Eyed Lie" on Idol.
... who are your favorite singers so far? I'm loving the more "real" styling of the contestants this season and it's always interesting to see how their fashion evolves as the contest progresses.

Fingers crossed they'll be using more PLC jewelry to accessorize their pop star looks!


Monday, March 10, 2014

FAQ: How Do I Untangle My Necklace?

Detangling Your Jewelry Tips
We've all had the experience of reaching into a jewelry box for the necklace we're in the mood to wear, and finding the chain tangled and knotted up with other pieces, or even worse, tangled on itself. With a little patience and some good lighting, you can detangle that pesky knot in the chain yourself. After you check out these tips on detangling that knotted chain, I'll follow up with a post on jewelry storage tips to help prevent a tangle from happening again!
How to Remove a Knot from a Necklace
1. Calm your mind. If you're frustrated as you attempt to detangle a piece of jewelry, you're more likely to damage or break the chain. If you're in a rush, set the necklace aside to detangle later.
2. Find a flat, well-lit work area. A desktop or kitchen table is perfect. Unclasp the necklace and set it flat. You'll make faster progress working this way than by holding the knot in the air.
3. You’ll need two fine sewing needles or two safety pins that are open at a wide angle.
4. Choose a starting point. If more than one necklace is tangled, focus on one chain at a time and one knot at a time. Poke one sewing needle into the center of the knot and use the other needle to pick at the knot very gently until you loosen a loop.
how to remove a knot from your necklace
A safety pin or needle can help you undo that knot in your necklace.

5. Take it slow. As you work the knot loose, create a hole to work with so that you can pull the chain through. Spread the loops of the knot wide on the table so you can see which parts are tangled. Work the chain free by removing one tangle at a time.

BONUS TIP: If a chain has a stubborn knot, a drop of oil may help loosen things up. Put a drop of olive oil, vegetable oil, or baby oil directly on the tangle and work it in. Once the necklace is untangled, dip it in warm water with a bit of dish soap to remove the oil, and pat it dry.

I've detangled dozens of necklaces over the years, even a few Peggy Li Creations chains, and by far the most important step is the first. Don't struggle with the jewelry piece, put it aside when you have a few minutes to sort it out.

Next up, storage tips to keep those tangles from happening! Or, check out some of my jewelry tarnish cleaning tips for sterling silver.

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