Jewelry on Arrow Season 5

Another exciting season of Arrow has begun and Peggy Li Creations jewelry couldn't be more thrilled that costume designer Maya Mani has selected PLC pieces as part of the wardrobe of the show!

Some of the earrings and necklaces seen so far have been worn by Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), Thea Queen (Willa Holland) and Susan Williams (guest star Carly Pope). See all the pieces worn on Season 5 of Arrow and beyond here.

Felicity Smoak earrings

Emily Bett Rickards earrings Felicity Smoak

Carly Pope Arrow Necklace

Keep watching for even more pieces of Peggy Li jewelry seen on Arrow!  What do you think will happen in the back half of the season? Will Oliver and Felicity get back together? Will the reappearance of Laurel Lance mean Black Canary is back (or maybe just Black Siren)? So many questions! Luckily, Arrow has been renewed for another season, so here's hoping for even more adventure and fabulous fashion, in season 6!


Jewelry on A Rose for Christmas starring Rachel Boston

Another year has gone by and what better way to start 2017 than with a sweet Hallmark movie starring Rachel Boston? The actress known for "Witches of East End" stars as Andy, the plucky daughter of a float maker in A Rose for Christmas. When she has to take over and create the float for banker Cliff, sparks (literal and figuratively) fly. I love that her movies always feature her learning a new craft - see Ice Sculpture Christmas - and this movie is no different. In fact, in this movie, Andy does double duty - not only is she making a float for the venerable Rose Parade in Pasadena, she is a struggling painter, too, looking for inspiration for her work.

Working with Rachel is always a dream. She produces her films and I am so grateful she gives me the opportunity to hear the character breakdown and send anything I think would work for the character. Knowing that Andy would be involved with flowers, love and of course, Christmas, I sent over a few simple pieces. Hope you love!
Rachel Boston A Rose for Christmas Leaf necklace
My favorite look for Andy - my Little Leaf Necklace, so fitting for the artist and flower float-maker! 
Rachel Boston in A Rose for Christmas
Andy (Rachel Boston) wears my Diamond Leaf Necklace and Little Leaf Earrings. 

Rachel Boston snowflake necklace
Who doesn't need a Snowflake Charm Necklace for Christmas?

Rachel Boston jewelry A Rose for Christmas
Another Christmas-party-ready necklace with tree and pine cone (fun fact - the costume designer shortened this necklace, which was sent as a long piece to Rachel).

At the end of the movie, Andy and Cliff unite as a happy couple, of course! Here, Andy (Rachel Boston) wears my Triangle Cage Earrings in small bronze.
Did you catch this romantic holiday movie? What's your favorite holiday movie of all time?

Here's to a happy and healthy 2017!


Holiday Gift Guide 2016: TV Fanatic

I've long been a TV fan, even before I started making jewelry and having my pieces seen on TV! My favorite shows as a kid was original Star Trek, classics like Gilligan's Island, and yes, I even had a stint with daytime soaps (General Hospital, Days of our Lives).

Now that the holiday season is here, why not grab a gift for that TV fanatic in your life? Here are some of my picks, from one fan to another!

1) Peggy Li Creations Jewelry - of course I have to plug my work! Grab unique jewelry designs seen on some of your favorite TV shows. Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Jane the Virgin, Elementary, How to Get Away With Murder, Pretty Little Liars and even all the way back to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (where it all began).

A little bit of bling seen on a favorite character brings you closer to that character and can perhaps even complete your outfit if you're heading out to a fan convention (Comic Con or Heroes and Villains anyone?) or just wanted to put the finishing touch on your cosplay!

2) Nuts on Clark - any Netflix and binge needs some great snacks! I can never resist the Chicago classic of cheddar cheese popcorn mixed with caramel corn. While there is much debate on who makes the best, my pick is Nuts on Clark. Don't like those flavors? No problem, there is lots more to choose from!

3) Law & Order: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-20 Bundle) - few shows have made it through 20 seasons and if you ask me, the original Law & Order could have kept going for another 20. While it is on endless rotation on network TV, it is an amazing binge when you own the discs yourself. Pricey since it is no longer in print, this is really one of the best gifts I ever got!

4) Entertainment Weekly - for me, this magazine is the bible of current entertainment, from film to TV. With so much media (streaming, TV, film) these days, it's hard to keep up! This is one magazine that sits in my bathroom and always gets read.

5) Onsie - Yep! Those great one piece pajamas have been updated for adults! I've always been fascinated with the ones made by OnePiece, a company out of Oslo, Norway. You bet these are on my holiday wish list!

What better way to Netflix and chill than in total binge-prepared comfort? The only question is: footed or non-footed?

Of course, you can find any number of fun equivalents at your local Target or Amazon (I'm partial to the animal ones as well!):

6) TV Ears - my Dad loves to watch TV but now has problems hearing. He of course refuses to wear hearing aids, so what was our solution? TV Ears! While these are not a replacement for hearing aids, they do allow my Dad to watch TV at his own volume, so anyone else watching can listen at more manageable decibles. So far, so good.

What are your favorite gifts for the TV fan? Let me know in the comments and happy holidays to all!


Jewelry seen on Famous in Love

Sneak peek! I couldn't wait to share the news - Peggy Li Creations jewelry will be seen on the upcoming season premiere of Famous in Love starring Bella Thorne! Bella is crazy gorgeous and comes hot off of her Disney Channel show (among other projects) Shake it Up, which also starred Zendaya.

Based on the novel by Rebecca Serle, the story is about starlet Paige Townsen who gets her break on a big Hollywood blockbuster and finds her world turned upside down. Not only does she have crazy chemistry with her costars, but she also finds herself looking into the disappearance of a famous pop star.

The series will also star Nikki Koss, Georgie Flores, Charlie DePew and Carter Jenkins. Produced by I. Marlene King of Pretty Little Liars fame, the show is sure to be full of drama, romance and mystery. And the fashion? The fashion will be amazing young-Hollywood-of-the-moment amazingness! I can't wait to see the clothes (follow the Famous in Love TV show on Instagram to see great sneak peeks - I spy some awesome 40's inspired dresses and the best ingenue outfits for Paige).

Paige will be seen wearing multiple PLC jewelry pieces, but for now you can check out the most iconic - my Star Charm Necklace.

Bella Thorne star necklace

Are you excited for this show to start? Won't get to us until April 2017!