New Website Launching in May!

Change is scary... I'm still recovering from losing my Mom earlier this year. She was ill for the last few years and it's a weird feeling to have "more" time to refocus on things like my business of Peggy Li Creations. Caring for her was certainly not a burden, but like anyone who is a caregiver, you know that it takes a tremendous amount of energy.
Current website - may have been modern for, say, 2005!

Now that I have time to put back into PLC, I'm getting (cautiously) excited about some HUGE change coming to! I'm doing a complete site update. Now change is SCARY, no doubt. But it is also refreshing to be able to start completely new on a new Shopify platform. It has allowed me to pare down the amount of items on the website and really start to focus my handmade jewelry designs to be better than ever.

Sneak peek - new website in the works!!!

Thank you for your patience while I transition to a new website! And as a Bonus for YOU, I have tons of items on deep discount on sale here as I cut down on inventory!



Amy said...

All the designs are rather pretty.