Bookkeeping Blues

I took a Quickbooks class today, and after the initial rush of thinking I learned how to use the bookkeeping program, I am now home and feeling as confused as ever about how to keep better books for my business! Quickbooks Simple Start or Pro? Paper or Plastic?

Sigh. Next week I will take an intro to bookeeping class. I don't know why the accounting is such a mental block for me... unless it is because I am actually afraid to look at the numbers for my business. Am I clinging to the idea that it is still a "hobby"? Am I afraid to find out that I am actually not running my business well?

What I'd love is to have someone sit me down and walk through imputing a months' worth of orders and expenses and do a reconcilliation.

Anyone, anyone? Anyone else have the bookkeeping blues?

Important resources for Small Business Owners:

The Small Business Administration (with SCORE advisors and great classes in your area):

In San Francisco, the SF Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. You know, do work on stuff like business plans. I have not visited here, but I hear good things:


Nilsson Denver said...

I suggest that you purchase two red analysis book with anlaysis columns. In book one record all money in, in the other record all money out. From these books post the information into quickbooks.
When raising a sales invoice, process it through the sales invoicing section of quickbooks.
When recording expenses process the invoice through the supplier section.
Keep a receipt/invoice for every purchase to ensure you claim every deductable expense, particulary cash purchases (parking, lunches).

Without going into greater detail, don't think quickbooks will magically make you a bookkeeper. Keep the payments and receipts in the 2 analysis books disciplines you to keep some finacial information.

see (underdevelopment but may help give you more ideas)