Adding More "Model" Photos to My Site

In an effort to help customers have more views on how my jewelry wears, I've been making the effort to include photos of Peggy Li Handmade jewelry on busts, forms and people (me!).

I think it helps give people a sense of scale and drape. I hope it makes a difference for shoppers.

What did I use?

1) A bright window with indirect sunlight
2) a Canon Powershot SD700 IS Digital Elph, Macro mode
3) edit in Photoshop

Let me know your comments!


Anonymous said...

Delicate, pretty and highly detailed. I would wear this ring. I'm relatively new to the art of working with silver. If you would like to see my work (just a few pieces), please follow this link: BTW, thanks for the tumbler idea.

A fellow San Franciscan,