An Excellent Jewelry Business Resource

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you an excellent resource for any small business jewelry maker. Rena Klingenberg has amased hundreds of articles and tips from jewelry makers like you and me and shares them on her website Home Jewelry Business Success Tips. Subscribe to her newsletter for updates and new articles. Her latest newsletter featured tips on getting jewelry made in China, plus a reader tip on making great packaging for shows!

It's really a treasure-trove of information.



Anonymous said...

In your blog entry you mention having things made in China is that what you do? Whenever I feel the desire to by jewelry I want it to be made by that person, that they can claim that their hands shaped and worked the metal, not a stranger. We wouldn't want a wholesale picasso would we?

plcpeggy said...

Hi Kaquyat,
No, I do not get my pieces made in China, I assemble all of my jewelry in my studio in San Francisco, CA. However that does not mean that I don't get components that have been manufactured/created from all over the world (charms, chains, beads).

It is a fact that if your business grows that you'll need more hands to help you. It's up to the individual business to decide where to find those resources and labor, I am not advocating one method over another.

Thanks for your comment!