More Peggy Li Creations Jewelry on Private Practice and Without a Trace

Another episode of "Private Practice" and even more Peggy Li Creations handmade jewelry on TV! This time, the lovely Audra McDonald wore my Lemon Zest Necklace in gold-fill. What a great color against her skintone! See other Peggy Li Creations jewelry on TV here.

PLC also appeared on "Without a Trace" this past week, featuring my Pearl Stack Earrings.


Anonymous said...

Peggy, that's so cool - having your work visible on all those celebs, movies, and TV shows!

Do you always know ahead of time that your jewelry will be worn on a show, or are you sometimes surprised to see it show up somewhere - "Hey, that's my necklace she's wearing!" ?


plcpeggy said...

Hi Rena,
the answer is -- it depends! Sometimes I know which episodes, sometimes pieces are purchased for stock and they get used throughout the year. I work with the costume designers directly and I don't sell my jewelry much at retail, so I have a good idea of where my pieces are.