FAQ: Choosing a Handmade Jewelry Gift

I often have customers who are shopping for a handmade jewelry for friends or family and need some help choosing an item. While I think it's tough to by jewelry for someone else, (especially when you have so many choices at Peggy Li Creations!) here are some things to think about when shopping for a handcrafted jewelry gift:

1) Do they wear more gold or silver?
Sometimes people have a strong preference of tone or a piece of jewelry that they always wear that they match to (a watch, or ring). If they prefer gold, do they need a solid gold (14k) due to metal allergies?

2) Earrings vs. Necklace.
Do they tend to wear more earrings or more necklaces, or do they prefer matching sets?

3) Simple or elaborate? Do they tend to wear more simple pieces or something more daring/fancy?

4) Classic or funky? I have a lot of funky and classic styles, from charm necklaces to classic pearl necklaces. I really aim for effortless style, so I think all of my jewelry is able to be dressed up or dressed down with any wardrobe -- you really can't go wrong.

5) Would they like a personalized piece? There are a few options for personalized jewelry at handmade jewelry by Peggy Li, including an ID bracelet, Initial Necklace and Stamped Initial Necklaces. It goes that extra step to show that you are thinking about that special someone.

Hopefully you'll find these shopping tips useful when looking for that perfect handmade jewelry gift.