Getting Ready for Tucscon 2011

It's only about 2 weeks until I'll be traveling to Tucscon for my first-ever Tucson Gem Show experience. I pre-registered for most of the shows I wanted to attend, bought a travel book and have even started making restaurant reservations. I of course booked my hotel and plane ticket many months in advance.

Now, on a whim I decided to check my hotel booking to confirm my dates and reservation online. Imagine my surprise when it was marked cancelled! Well, after a few phone calls of me in near-panic, it turns out my hotel changed ownership and failed to transfer my reservation. Luckily, Jamie from the Sheraton was helpful enough to re-book my room, and at the original rate I had booked. Whew!

Just goes to show that you can never be too prepared.

So, the Tucson preparation continues! Do you have any restaurant recommendations? Must-see shops? Favorite golf courses (I'll be bringing my clubs!)?

In the meantime, check out this old post about tips and hints for attending Gem Shows.

Some additional tips for navigating a gem show:

1) Bring a sharpie with you to mark vendor names/prices on bags.
2) Bring a notebook and pen to keep track of your finds before you want to buy them.
3) Create labels that contain your address and resale number to make checkouts faster.
4) Wear a secure purse (zippers!) that you can sling across your body to allow for hands-free (but stay aware of your surroundings).
5) Bring a little mirror with you --- vendors don't often have them, or they are always with someone else!

Also check out Nina Designs' blog for other handy Shopping at Tucson tips.

That's all for now!