Rhonda Giedt Photography Photo Shoot

Now, I'm one of those people who *hates* getting their picture taken. Especially when it's a headshot!

(so where did this Model Card come from? That's a story for a different post!).

But part of growing a business is about being a representative for your brand and putting a face to the facelessness of an online shop. In my case, I needed a professional headshot to help represent me as the handmade jewelry designer for Peggy Li Creations. This is why I turned to my friend and photographer, Rhonda Giedt for some help with getting some headshots made for my bio. You may learn all about Rhonda's photography and services (she does portraits, pets, wedding photography and more!) at her website, Rhonda Giedt Photography.

Rhonda made me comfortable immediately, explaining her technique and then shooting away! Knowing I was nervous, she made me feel at ease. We tried a variety of poses and she was totally open to try different setups that I wanted to see. She worked quickly and efficiently and the experience couldn't have been easier.

The best part is that the photographs turned out fantastic! I had a range of photographs to chose from and after I made my selections, I received a lovely package containing a disc of my images in hi-res format, plus a hand written thank you and some cards for friends to have a free portrait session with Rhonda.

Do you live in the San Francisco bay area? I'd be happy to pass on one of Rhonda's free portrait sessions to you. Just email me at info@peggyli.com!

Here are some samples of the finished result of our portrait photoshoot. I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks Rhonda!


Britty said...

Wow those pictures are amazing! She was really able to show off how beautiful you are! I love the photos!