Adventures in Wax Carving

Summer is upon us for another year of Peggy Li Creations jewelry. I always have to keep myself challenged and motivated, so this year, I'd like to try getting some custom components made for my jewelry designs. I have done some lost wax casting before in a class, so I know about the basics, but to put them in to practice is something else.

I purchased some wax for carving and a wax carving pen. Encouraged by this neat video post by jewelry maven Tina Tang about the waxes she designs for her own line, I got to work trying to make some small items I'd like to have for myself.

It definitely wasn't as easy as I thought it might be! I started by trying to reproduce something simple, like a musical note charm. The wax is pliable and forgiving, but this also means that it takes every indendtation and mark as well!

How does it look so far?

I like to have SMALL charms, so the hardest part is keeping the detail while working with such a delicate piece of wax. Fortunately, I received my book on wax carving, Basic Wax Modeling, an Adventure in Creativity. While an older book, there are many pictures and it seems to cover the basics.

Now, to "carve" out some time to play with my waxes some more!