Hole-Punch Pliers -- Jewelry Making Tip

I love my hole-punch pliers! These convienient tools allow you to punch perfect circles into sheets of metal (no more than 20 gauge thick) with the ease of a pair of pliers. You can purchase these hole punch pliers in two circle sizes, 1.25mm and 1.8mm in diameter. Both hole sizes allow for a 20 gauge jump ring to fit through it easily. You can also purchase them with a square punch or oval punch shape. Genius!

Just apply pressure and a hole will be punched in your stamping blank!

One problem I was having with this tool was when I wanted to punch two holes in a blank and have them line up properly. You could scribe or draw lines on your blank to be extra precise, but I found a simple tip helps me quickly make these types of punches.

The "top" of the plier punches through the blank.

After you've punched your first hole, flip your pliers upside-down so you can clearly see where the second hole will be created! Line up your first hole with the second hole that is cut out of the bottom of the plier, a very easy to see negative-space, and voila! You can punch your second hole.

Flip over your pliers to help align your second punch with the first.

That's it! I hope you find this hole punching plier tip useful. It definitely has saved me time in creating multiple holes in metal blanks.

Your finished product!

See my handmade jewelry creations using this tip at Handmade Jewelry by Peggy Li. I especially love these hammered, brushed and cascading Metal Petal Earrings using this hole punch plier technique.