2011 Peggy Li Creations Survey Results

Keeping busy in 2012.
I'd like to thank everyone who answered the 2011 end of year survey for my Peggy Li Creations jewelry website (if you haven't gotten your responses in, you can still take the survey here!). I ask questions about my website and my designs and your responses help me plan for the upcoming year!

While all of the responses are anonymous, I wanted to address some of the feedback I've received from customers.

1) Website features for the upcoming year -- the biggest request is for jewelry photos on models (as it is every year!) and I hear you. I've added pictures of jewelry on a life size bust to help give you additional scale, do you find those useful? I'd love to style a real model shoot, but it can be difficult due to the delicate nature of my designs to take stylish photos and still give a good look at my designs. I wonder, is this request more about seeing some "how to wear" or styling ideas? I know I like photos on models to get a better idea of the "vibe" of a fashion line.

2) Alternative metals -- most of you are open to trying designs using alternative metals, which is awesome! If I do introduce some other metals like bronze, stainless steel or other, I'll be sure to describe them in the product description for those of you with known metal allergies. I think I am most curious to try alternative metals as they come in a variety of interesting finishes and colors and due to the lower cost, could result in some more elaborate designs at similar pricepoints to what I already carry.

3) TV Placements/Magazines -- I wanted to address a comment left to me in the survey that questioned how much I write about the TV and other PR placements my jewelry has received. The commentator said they were not impressed by the "freebies" given to celebrities and stylists. I want to let you guys know that the jewelry placements I have received for TV and film are 98% paid placements (some are used and returned to me) -- that is, the stylists requested my work and paid me for their use, just like any other customer. I'm proud to have had long relationships with some of the best stylists in the business and that they have turned to me over the years as a way to help their characters shine.

As for print magazines, it is the same story -- 98% the samples they request are all returned to me (if not lost!) -- in fact, it is magazine policy to not keep samples.

It's fun to get recognized for your work by folks who are tastemakers in the biz of fashion -- so if I get excited and post a few times, that's why :).

4) User reviews -- this is a new request I'm seeing in my survey for this year and I've definitely been thinking about it. It's a difficult website feature to implement, so I have to consider it carefully. I love that there is interest to talk about your experience with my jewelry products and even to share photos/styling tips with other Peggy Li Creations fans. While I explore the options for this feature, I would like to ask that if you have feedback, questions or comments you'd like to share with others, please feel free to do so on my Peggy Li Creations Facebook page or to @plcpeggy on Twitter.

I'd love to keep this dialogue going and hear from YOU, the customers! Thanks for your time and attention and here's to a fab 2012 year of the Dragon!