Layered Friendship Bracelets

I am currently obsessed with simple threaded friendship bracelets! Stack them, layer them, pile these bracelets on your arm for just a touch of bling. I use a waxed (with all-natural beeswax) Irish linen thread, which comes in a variety of colors, and simple charms and beads for these handmade bracelet creations.

My favorite bracelets to layer are my sparkly Thai Tiny Beaded Bracelet plus my Mixed Beaded Bracelet. Throw in any of the Tiny linen charm bracelets and voila! A beautiful pile of arm candy!  I've chosen a violet linen thread, silver beads and a sterling silver horseshoe charm.

And imagine these bracelets mixed with any of my leather or suede bracelets -- yummy! Pictured below, my Braided Leather beaded bracelet and a linen Peace Charm Bracelet on red thread.

Doesn't this Open Circle Suede bracelet is pretty, but wouldn't it be nicer layered with some Tiny Beaded linen bracelets?

I'm currently working on some linen beaded bracelets featuring Japanese seed beads in gold or mixed with vibrant colored beads. These "Zipper" bracelets will be available on the website soon! What do you think?

What are your favorite styles of friendship bracelets? There are great how-to tutorials on You Tube or on website Honestly WTF if you feel inspired to make some of your own.