Simple Earrings

If I could describe my jewelry design aesthetic, it would be that I love clean, feminine designs. From tiny charm necklaces to delicate earrings, I love to create simple jewelry designs that will live in your jewelry box for many years to come. These earrings do not dangle too long, get caught up in your clothes or hair, and will always look fashionable. Ready to check out some jewelry basics?

Here are some of my favorite simple earring designs from Peggy Li Creations!

These Clustered Earrings are a great everyday go-to earring! Available in sterling silver or 14k gold-filled, they also are available in a matching Single Clustered Circle Necklace.
I handcraft these Small Tribal Spike earrings into a gracefully arced sliver of metal for your ears. These simple earrings just give you a glimmer and are light and so easy to wear.

Small Lotus Hoop Earrings are a very popular earring style! A stylish take on hoop earrings in a flowing organic shape. These earrings were seen on actress KaDee Strickland on the TV show "Private Practice"!

Always a bestselling earring, these Ted's Metal earrings are inspired by the graceful designs of Ted Muehling. I love the modern bullet shape of these drops, available in sterling silver and a rich gold plated silver finish.
Hand-hammered Tiny Hoop earrings are pieces you can leave in your ears and forget about! Light and an elegant simple earring that is always a classic earring to wear. Choose from sterling silver, 14k rose-gold filled or 14k gold-filled. 14k gold available upon request!

Could it be any simpler? Add these earrings to your jewelry box and never have to think about what earrings to wear again! And be sure to visit my handcrafted jewelry website, for more jewelry designs. Or, visit my earrings board on Pinterest!